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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Gasparilla Inn & Club

I have been to Boca Grande twice. I guess you could count a third time because I have seen Hoot which was filmed there, and I lived vicariously through that film. I adore the island, it is beautiful and it was named "The Preppiest Place on Earth" by the Wall Street Journal. Now my favorite part of the island, and the capital of preppy, is the Gasparilla Inn & Club where almost every woman can be seen in a Lilly P. dress with Jacks and a cardi. It is the place to be during season if you are an old school prep. 
When I went out to the island over my break of course we got a tour at the historic hotel {my tour guide had on a Lilly dress}. I grabbed some shots from the Inn which is 100 years old. 
The Inn provides golf carts for some guests in order to get 
around the island, as there are no gas stations.
 Some of the grand sitting rooms.
 The Inn's Dinning Room which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
 A shot from the terrace that overlooks the magnificent golf course.
 The suit where incredibly famous people stay, I'll give you a hint,
he was President of the United States.
 Can you not see yourself coming back from a tennis game dressed in Lacoste and Tretorns, 
sitting down for some lemonade and gossip with your girlfriends?
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