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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Food Diaries: Austin City Lemonade

So when visiting Austin you must make a stop on South Congress, otherwise known as SoCo. It is an awesome place where vintage shops mingle with boutique hotels and restaurants. Hipsters meet fashionistas and tourists.
When visiting a few weeks ago with Babs, I glanced down a side street and saw a giant yellow object. After looking back in front of me I realized I needed to look back at the yellow truck and came to the conclusion that it was a lemon. After glancing to my right I saw the sign below:
and decided Babs and I must have some happiness in our lives.
There all different kinds of lemonade flavors at Austin City Lemons {a play on Austin City Limits}, from basil to honey to lavender {the flavor both Babs and I tried}. I got a Cup of Happiness while Babs opted for the frozen Great Day. We were both incredibly impressed with how delicious it was.
Aside from the amazing lemonade, the truck itself is an architectural feat. Plus it is located in a lush little area with benches and lots of trees so you can enjoy your lemonade in piece and quiet.
The man making the fabulous lemonade was a character himself and Babs and I decided to take the free selfie he offered. See the photo on one of my Week Re-Cap.
Honestly, you must visit #ACL at some point or another you won't regret it. I think the giant lemon made my weekend. It was so adorable and so Austin. It should be on your shortlist of things to do the next time you are in the great state of Texas, trust me.
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