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Monday, December 29, 2014

Resolutions in Review

So last year I made this post, with the photo below. Now let's see how we did:

More Sleep // This definitely happened. After I finished IB, I got back into normal sleep patterns, and while I go out on the weekends in college, I always make sure I get enough sleep now.
More Tea // Not so much, however as of late I have found a cinnamon tea at HEB that I love. The last month of school I would drink at least two cups a week of it. So I want to keep that up because the tea makes me feel so much better and way less stressed.
More Books // Always.
More Sunsets // I took full advantage of this over the summer. Sunsets where I live are absolutely gorgeous and I miss them when I am in Texas. However, we like to go grab coffee at Mozarts and watch the sunset there. 
More Laughter // This has been accomplished in so many ways. Mostly by my crazy roommate and BFF. Both of them have made me laugh so hard that water threatened to come out my nose, I swear. 
More Hugs // Devi & I are both still working on this.
More Fun // Definitely accomplished.
More Love // I have seriously been working on opening my heart to more people, and it has been working out. I love all of my friends and try to put them ahead of myself. It is awesome how nice it is to have kind, loving people around you instead of negative ones.
More Crazy // Well...I mean how crazy is going out of state to a college I had seen a total of two times? And how crazy was meeting a roommate on Facebook? And how crazy was my first semester of college? I mean, I think that was enough crazy for one year.
More Life // Life. Wow. Moving from FLA to Austin was an experience, a great one. Life has been amazing and hectic and wonderful, and so many other adjectives.
More Food // I do not know how I couldn't accomplish this living in Austin. I mean...food trucks.

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