Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Week Re-Cap

This week has been awesome! Mainly because I got to go to Boca Grande on Monday. There are a ton of photos from the adventures we had below. Basically we were broken up into groups and had to complete a scavenger hunt. My team, the Blitzens, won! Other than that I baked a lot of cookies, decorated my Christmas tree, and was able to see my amazing friend Taylor! Oh and I finally saw Mockingjay Part I...I know. How was your week? -xoxo darling, Hayden
After around four months I finally got a pedicure! It was AHMAZING.
The sunset @ Tween Waters.
 Grabbed lunch at Masa in Naples with my grand-mama.
Our Christmas tree has been decorated!
An early morning drive calls for some Starbucks.
Gingersnap on a stick...uhm yes please.
 We took the Tropic Star to Boca Grande on Monday.
Another team we were competing against.
 I should mention we had to wear elf hats...
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