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Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Magazines

There are so many magazines in the world, how do you know what to subscribe to? Or which one to buy for a family member or friend since we are coming up on the holiday season. Honestly, magazines are some of the best gifts to give {Town & Country costs $10 for a year}. Well below I have listed my all time favorites, so check them out & let me know if you think I am missing anything-xoxo darling, Hayden.
Travel + Leisure: I did not read T+L until I was in high school, but the first issue I ever read, I fell in love with it. The writing is always good, and they have fun stories. Plus I love their layout and color schemes. I have learned so much about different countries that my list of hopeful future travel plans is even longer than before I started reading it.
Vogue Italia: When I was little I looked up "what is the best fashion magazine in the world" because I wanted to work for whatever magazine that was. I got my answer from a website that was like Wikianswers. It said "Vogue Italia." So my mom bought me my first Vogue Italia and I have been hooked ever since. The photography is beautiful and conveys amazing epics through fashion.
The New York Times Style Magazine:
My mom started bringing these home to me when I was in high school and I must say the writing is amazing. My favorite issue EVER was the one pictured below. They did an in-depth interview with Lee Radzwill; it was phenomenal. 
Town & Country:
"The Preppy Times." Seriously, if you are anything like me and enjoy countless articles on Jackie O, preppy weddings, and so many other WASP things, you must subscribe to this!
Garden & Gun:
My amazing, slightly crazy, very southern great aunt introduced Garden & Gun to my dad and I a few years ago. She told us how it was like SL but maybe better. So of course we subscribed and we have not looked back. Unlike SL the stories are much longer and go very in-depth. Each issue has a section on dogs/hunting {which I always skip}, but if you like that kind of thing it makes it even better!
Southern Living:
When did I start reading SL? Probably before I could do most normal functions. As I grew up I started running to the mailbox to get it before my parents so I could be the first to read it. Their travel stories have always been so interesting and the recipes. The recipes kill me. And then there is the gardening, I don't even have a flower box but the photos are beautiful.
Consumer Reports:
My parents use this for the important things like cars, electronics, etc. But I love to read the food, recalls, and the very back page which has hysterical products that have clearly not been proofread. This magazine is basically great for anything you need to buy, whether it is a Mercedes Benz or a certain brand of ice cream cones, they have you covered.
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