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Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Food Diaries: Franklin BBQ

When you move to Austin you here whispers about Franklin Barbecue. People around you compare how long they waited in line, you find out about a twitter account that photographs the line everyday so people can decide if they can make it in the tiny restaurant for some of the special brisket.
I did some research, and found out that Franklin used to be a  food truck, they recently moved into their current location and it is basically run by a hipster...an amazing BBQ making hipster. 
So what did I do? I contacted my friend Hannah {the only one willing to venture across I-35 with me} to visit the iconic turquoise building.
Here is what I found:

Hannah & I left our dorm at 7am. A little back story, this was the day after Halloween and I had not gotten back to my dorm until 3am...so I was surviving on very little sleep. But the BBQ was calling my name. So we walked over to Franklin and got there at 7:30 {t-minus 3 & 1/2 hours until it opened}. We were about the 21st and 22nd person in line and a lovely lady next to us shared we could grab some chairs from a place behind a stairwell to use during our wait in line. Thank goodness for that woman otherwise it would have been a painful day. I feel like now it is the time to tell you that nothing was open for breakfast in Jester when we left...so Hannah walked to the closest Wendy's when we got there. But they were not serving breakfast so I ate a chicken sandwich at around 8am. But that tided me over until 11:45am.

Franklin BBQ is really good, but it is not just about the most tender brisket you will ever consume, it is about forging friendships and meeting new people while you are in line. The people behind us were visiting from FLA so of course I talked with them about my FLA heritage. The group in front us was funny and sarcastic about the line and the crazy man photographing his family's moves.

After hours of sitting on our phones, reading magazines, and forging a friendship Hannah & I went through the doors at Franklin. We had to wait in line inside the building for about 20 minutes but at 11:45 we placed our order.

While waiting in line we saw these cute t-shirts that I am making my parents get me when I take them.

There are menus on butcher paper along the walls.

Then you get up to the main portion and there is this board. Now let me just say something here. See that Pepsi sign...what even is that?! Franklin opened in 2011 and that Pepsi sign looks like it is from the 80s. I could not handle how hipster it was. Also, they only have around three Pepsi products, the rest are Maine Root sodas that are organic {seriously hipster}. We placed our order, and I only got a 1/2 lb. of brisket. Hannah got a pound with a slice of white bread.

The super nice man {see below} gave us a sample of the brisket we had ordered.

And then he cut my wonderful lunch.

Let me explain something to you. This brisket is so tender you do not even need silverware. This brisket is so tender it melts in your mouth. This brisket is so tender a baby could eat it. I LOVED this brisket. 
If you are ever in Austin, get up lat 7am and get your butt over to Franklin because it is a must and you will never regret it...I promise.

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