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Thursday, May 9, 2013

13 Random Facts About Me

So since I took an extremely hard IB exam today, and I have to take another one tomorrow, I decided I wanted to do something fun and light, so here are 13 Random Facts about Myself (with pictures!):

1. I was a food critic, look me up: The Petite Gourmet: The Littlest Blogger

2. I love doing whiteboard designs...like this one.

3. I met an Olympian, he won a bronze in fencing.

4. I was a Bobby...yes an English Cop...for Halloween one year.

5. I am an Irish dancer...no I do not do River Dance.

Can you guess which one is me? 

6. I went to a "smart" kids camp in North Carolina called Duke TIP. It was amazing.

7. I have been to Fort Stockton, Texas.

8. I was a Girl Scout.

9. I have been to Ireland.
10. I modeled art for charity.

11. For Homecoming one year my friends + I dressed as the Palin women.
12. I make a mean Panacotta.
13. I loved red socks in pre-school.

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