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Friday, May 10, 2013

Pinterest Love

I feel absolutely amazing. I just finished by IB math exam and now I am done with math!!! This just means that my summer is so close! I want to go run a mile or scream from a roof top...I will not be doing any of these things, instead I have ACT tutoring, I am seeing the Great Gatsby and I am painting my nails salmon for summer. Here are some things making me really happy right now:

Ahhh Paris in the summer....

Summer parties

Grand Canyon National 
Park in the summer

I want to have beach 
picnics this summer!

How cute is this dress?

Mint, is it still the "it" color?

Love the color

Perfect bangle for summer.

AHHHH I need these!


I just can't. This is so adorable. 

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