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Thursday, May 16, 2013


Things we do not even think about, but that say a lot about our personalities...the books we read, the ice cream we eat, and of course refrigerator magnets. Recently my family and I were looking at our fridge because we had bought new magnets and we decided to clean it off. There was so much clutter that we had forgotten about some of our coolest magnets. So below are my favorites. I would LOVE to see your magnets, and I might even put them on the blog, so email me your pictures and magnet stories here.

Tile from the Columbia resurgent in Sarasota, FL.

A souvenir from a trip to the 
Kennedy Library in Boston.

From a trip to Nashville, TN.

From San Francisco, CA.

Only in Florida would we have a wildlife hospital.

A pizzeria that has since closed, but was our favorite.
 P.S. those scribbles are from me circa age 3. 

Regulation #5: Alcatraz
Underground: Tube in London
Independence Hall: Philly
Footsloggers & Mast Store: Outdoor Outfitters in NC

Heinz Field in Pittsburg 

From an art show I was featured in.

My family has an obsession with pandas...

Gamble House, Pasadena, CA.

Colorful turtle that we 
have had forever. 

Adorable picture of my dad & I.

From my trip to Paris last year.

Conde Nast Savvy Travler

Newest additions: Mustache magnets! 

Bru Na Boinne- Outside Dublin

One of our favorite forts

This was absolutely amazing. 

A trip to the Truman 
Presidential library

Again with the Pandas...


I made this when I was in
 kindergarten, such an artist.

This was made in third grade.

Outside of Pittsburg

Last year's bowl game score ticket.

Little donkey from Mexico a friend brought back.

Hayden art circa age 4

Beefeater from London

Empire State Building

From a trip to Notre Dame

I loved letter magnets as a child...

This is amazing.

I am in love with these! 

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