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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fashion Board

Somethings in my life are constants. Most are not, aka school, dance, fashion, outfits, and pretty much everything else. But my bulletin board is always full of magazine cutouts that I like to call my "outfit inspiration." In reality, I think I just like the ascetics more than getting ideas for my fashion. My last board was made right before school started and focused on navy for some reason. This end of the school year/summer board is focused on True Elegance. Enjoy! 

The "old" board I made for the school year.

Clean Slate! 

I put all of my magazine tear-outs in a pretty bag.

Then I pour it all out...

Turn on a happy-go-lucky playlist...

And start cutting! 

Some things I cut out are perfect, others are just squares.

I also hold onto cool tags and logos.

The main theme for my board is True Elegance & 
I love the Weekend Getaway font from a 
Brooks Brother's catalogue. 

I keep adding big images...

Then I fill in with smaller ones.

Done with the collage part...

I love my sparkle hearts from the Sweetheart Auction.

From the bottom

I put my long jewelry on 
push-pins along the bottom.

Louis Vuitton Corner

NY Time Calendar 

Purple Sharpie to cross off days on the calendar.

Lee is amazing.


The finished product.

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