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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Week Re-Cap

What a nice week it has been! Full of walking, reading, movie-watching and lots of eating. How are y'all? 2021 seems to be off to a fairly good start. We've got a vaccine, a new president will be installed in the White House fairly soon and there seems to be a new sense of hope in the air. I'm really excited for my work life in 2021 — I have a huge project that should be out in May that I'm incredibly excited about. Plus, another one due in February. What is your thing you're most excited about right now? — xoxo darling, Hayden.
This re-cap has a bunch of photos over the last two weeks as there was no version last week...we were recapping the whole year back then! 

This neighborhood wreath invites anyone to hang an ornament.
Adore this house.
My neighborhood puts these luminaries out every Christmas and they make the whole place magical.
Obsessed with my new fair isle sweater!!
My parents got married right there, on those steps!
Lots of walking.
The old downtown train station has been converted into our community foundation.
Cute details.
Got this water bottle for Christmas and I'm pretty into it.
Weirdly feels like fall in south Florida.
Calossahatchee Regional Park
Wings from LaBelle Brewing.
A socially distanced visit to the Sanibel Farmers Market.
Sanibel City Hall
Walk along a boardwalk at Ding Darling.
Love this view!
One last candy cane crush sno-ball from Pelican's.
Discovered this hidden-away boardwalk at Shady Oaks Park.
In case you missed it Texas won their football game & then fired their coach...and then hired a new one!
Adorable card from Libby & Steph.
Harns Marsh Preserve walk.
Breakfast biscuit from Buckingham Farms.
Telegraph Creek hike.
Estero Bay Preserve State Park walk.

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