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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Post-Covid Bucket List

As a person who adores exploring new places (lol it is literally my job) 2020 was incredibly difficult. Did I discover some of the great outdoors not far from my front door? Yes. But did I miss getting on a plane and going somewhere brand new? 100 percent. So, I thought I'd share with y'all some places I'm feeling fairly desperate to go. Some of these are obvious (Austin, duh) but others you may be like why? And the incredibly obvious (Italy, London, etc.) didn't make the cut because I'm feeling a sense of adventure and those aren't doing it for me, currently. Granted, there are quite a few places in the U.S. on here because it's more affordable and it will be easier to get to in the immediate future. Please let me know where you are dying to go once we a) get 95 percent of the population vaccinated and b) start recovering economically. — xoxo darling, Hayden


I have been dying for a fall leaf trip to New England for years. We did NE one summer and I kind of fell in love. Add in Kiel James Patrick's incredible instagram photos and you've got me lusting after hot apple cider and riding boots. You can take a chairlift up to the top of mountains for all the fall foliage views and that just sounds phenomenal (Mount Snow looks A+). Plus, the Trapp Family Lodge is there and I...am obsessed with the Sound of Music. Other Highlights: Sleepy Hollow Farm, Cold Hollow Cider Mill & the town of Woodstock. 

The Balkans

We visited Croatia and saw a tiny bit of Bosnia in summer 2019 but ever since we visited I've been dying to go back to this region. Specifically, I want to see Zagreb (their craft beer scene & trams look amazing) and the countries of Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo. Serbia and Bulgaria are also on the list but I'm a bit iffy on them at present. But, this region is just so beautiful. From the mountainous regions inside the coasts to the coasts themselves. Part of me thinks fly into Zagreb and then figure out a way to make it down the coast...trains seem difficult so it might be a bit of plane hopping, which also scares me but it's a once in a lifetime opportunity! Other Highlights: 


For the best friend's birthday last year I gave her the gift of trip planning. It's not her favorite thing to do so I "planned" her six trips — lodging, restaurants/bars, activities and day trips. It was one of the best gifts I think I've ever given because I really had to think about her and what she'd want but also do a ton of research. We ended up choosing Chicago (see more about that below) but Minneapolis was one of my random-but-I'll-throw-it-in-there-because-I've-never-been-to-Minnesota ones. And I'm kinda obsessed? Like now I desperately want to go. I think it started when I started following the daughter of Sweet Martha's...aka those amazing chocolate chip cookies that they have at the Minnesota State Fair. Now I want to visit Betty Danger's Country Club (they have a ferris wheel!!!), eat at St. Genevieve and see the art at Weisman. Other Highlights: Edwards Dessert Kitchen, Como Conservatory and the Alma Hotel.


2020 was the first year since I made my decision to attend UT that I hadn't been to Austin. And I was heartbroken over it. I consider Austin to be an extension of home at this point...one day I plan to settle down there in a cute bungalow (if I can ever afford it!). So not being able to eat Cabo Bob's, sip a hefe at Live Oak or sit in beautiful silence at the Austin Central Library really hurt. But I'm hoping by the end of 2021 I can venture back because I really need my hit of breakfast tacos. Other Highlights: Batch, Blanton Museum of Art and the Lady Bird Lake Trail


When I studied abroad my parents flew in for a weekend to visit Scotland for the first time and I fell in love (and was incredibly ill at the time). And I've thought about that place since we boarded the plane to head back to London. My goal is to, one day, take a whole summer and rent an airbnb somewhere central as a jumping off point. Then travel around to all the little villages, gorgeous countryside vistas and pubs in the highlands. It was one of the most breathtaking places I've ever been and I am dying to get back asap. The Cairngorms, Applecross Inn and Isle of Skye look so picturesque. Other Highlights: the town of Killin, Bealach na Ba road and Doune Castle. 


As previously mentioned, I had planned an epic trip to Chicago for Hannah and I but it was about a month into the pandemic so of course we cancelled. But that doesn't mean I haven't wanted to go ever since! The obvious stops were Hampton Social and the Field Museum but I think the Wabash Arts Corridor and Garfield Park Conservatory are what really drew me in. I haven't been to the city since I was a kid and I would love to explore it as a (drinking) adult now. Other Highlights: Dove's Lunchonette, Three Dots and a Dash and the Flamingo Wall. 

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