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Friday, January 22, 2021

Latest Link Round-Up

Catch up on some interesting news — xoxo darling, Hayden.

If you read one thing on this list, make it this about QAnon and wellness influencers.

I laughed so hard & would love to try these when I get back on the apps!

Kung Pao Chicken is my favorite American-Chinese restaurant dish and I kinda want to try making it myself.

Adding these to my must-watch list for 2021.

This bag, yes pls.

Y'all excited for Sex And The City's return?

Fantasizing is something I feel I've gotten really good at.

Fighting words in Texas include fast food + tacos...

cupcakes & cashmere was the first blog I started reading...it has grown so much.

Y'all as obsessed with the new version as I am?

Definitely have a lot on this list I'm excited to do once more of us are vaccinated.

I want to watch this show real bad.

The ghosts of segregation are very much still with us.

As HT started out as a fashion blog (and still, sometimes, is) this bag has always been a want of mine.

Kinda dying to make tiramisu...

Deffo want this dress.

Chai gingerbread cookies seem so cozy for winter months.

Welp. I want to move to Paris again.

I do not need more books to read but...here are 45+ more! And romance novels!! Oop, 10 more!

Girl Scouts aren't letting you get away with not buying cookies...

Is it too early to be saving things for Christmas 2021? Or New Year's Eve?

19 roadtrips outside Austin.

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