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Friday, January 1, 2021

Twenty Twenty One Resolutions

It feels really weird to be discussing resolutions because I vividly remember writing my 2020 ones thinking, "oh these are great, gonna kill it!" But alas, here we are on the eve (well I'm writing this on the eve) before 2021...what will hopefully be a better year. I racked my brain with what I want to accomplish this year. But I feel there was so much pressure placed onto 2020 that I want to keep it chill. Things are going fairly well at the mo' and I'm not looking to change anything crazy. I decided on three that I think I can truly work on no matter what is going on with the pandemic. My hope is that I can travel by the end of 2021 and that I can start dating again/exploring with my friends. But we just don't know where we will be. Let me know if you have any resolutions or if you think all of this is b.s. (which I 100 percent respect) down below. — xoxo darling, Hayden

Adventure Outside.

If 2020 has taught me anything it is how much I love being outside. Or...how much I love going for my long walks. Seeing how the plants change throughout the seasons, doing waves to the elderly as we pass 8 feet apart, etc. I've decided I would like to purchase a CO state parks pass when I'm back in Denver because there are plenty within driving distance of Littleton and I think it will get me exploring more. And because we have no concept of when we can travel like we used to (ie., eating in restaurants, museums) I think this is a phenom idea of exploring but through the lens of the great outdoors. 
So here's to exploring the great outdoors as much as possible.

Stay Social.

OOOO repeat goal! Last January I said I wanted to improve my social media game when it came to Haute Table. And I...didn't do it. I think my idea was solid but I had no feasible plan. But I think I've got one now. Basically, as I fill out my editorial calendar I'm also pulling images to put with them on Instagram. I started last week and it's making it easier. Granted, this is only a week in so I could hate this system two months from now but I really want to stick with this one. I also would like to try a bit harder on my images for the blog & social media. I was watching a photographer on TikTok and her images are just so beautiful. The best part? She takes them herself! 
So here's to improving my social media game in regards to Haute Table.

Raise It.

I've always been fairly in the know when it comes to politics because of my parents (both hold masters degrees in political science) but the past few years have really taught me the voice I have. And 2020 showed me that I'm still not doing enough. It isn't enough to vote in every election, we must hold our politicians accountable once they are in office. I want to use 2021 to educate myself on the issues that are important to me and then use that education to make the country better. Whether it be reading more, contacting my reps, testifying at the leg, whatever form it takes.
So here's to raising my voice whenever possible.

Cheers to you & any goals you are bringing into this desperately needed new year. 
I wish you the best of luck in 2021!

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