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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Year in Review // 2020

As this god-awful year came to a close, I started looking back over Haute Table throughout the years. I went through my seven year in review posts, searching for why I did them and what they meant to me. And this year, running HT was one of the hardest fought for me mentally. I finally sat down and looked at the numbers and they were fairly abysmal in relation to a blog that has existed for eight years. Granted, Haute Table never was a way to make money. The goal still is not to make money...I have a successful job and am incredibly happy with it. But I began to question this year why I stressed about having blog posts up and why I was doing the roundups. But as the year progressed and I read through old posts and searched through new ideas, I realized how much this blog has meant to me over the last eight years. It has been my constant. People have come and gone, Instagram trends have come and gone and TikTok has come (will it go?! God I hope not). But HT is still here. It's kind of like a ton of photo albums but at one url. And with that, I bid you adieu on this introspective. Yes, Haute Table is continuing into 2021 because where else would I dump all of my photos and vent about my life? Where else would I get to be this weirdly creative? I hope you all enjoy this year in review. I know I always do — xoxo darling, Hayden.
As we all know, 2020 has been a weird year. Everyone's has. We've all gone through this extremely traumatic experience together and some of us have come out the other side (please wear your mask). It's not the normal year in review because it isn't a normal year but I thought I'd highlight some of the better things that have happened. 

We worked with one of my all-time favorite restaurant chains.
We saw our favorite podcast in person (Belinkers unite!).
We visited our favorite place in the whole wide world. 
We took the most restorative girls' trip to Grand Lake.
We celebrated 2 years of Denver Food Adventures.
We started our feminist cocktail series on TikTok.
We celebrated the little things (like green grass).
We celebrated our best friendaversary on Zoom.
We celebrated Haute Table's 8th birthday.
We witnessed the most beautiful autumn.
We worked on being actively anti-racist.
We did our first shoot wearing a mask.
We released the official Denver guide.
We went to our first drive-in theater.
We explored Denver more in-depth.
We welcomed Marcus to Colorado.
We (safely) hung-out with friends.
We went to White Sands NPS.
We escaped to Breckenridge.
We launched 61 in 1001.
We visited El Paso.
We went home.
We turned 24.
We marched.

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