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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Week Re-Cap

Two Schitt's in Halloweentown...
Happy Wednesday my dudes! And what a wonderful week it has been. There are actually photos in here from the last two weeks because I completely forgot to do a re-cap last week, but we back! And if you haven't been checking out Vlogoween, I highly encourage you to do so! Marcus visited this weekend for the first time and I didn't realize how much I needed to see a familiar face and how much I needed to drive around with the windows down singing WAP. We had an amazing time — fall leaf drive, fall hike, pumpkin patch visit, milkshake moments, etc. I celebrated both my friend and my friend's dog's birthdays as well and went on a lot of walks as per usual (I'm even listening to the audiobook of Pride & Prejudice now so it just feels right). Also, most nights this week I've come home, poured myself a glass of wine or beer and sat on the balcony reading my book because the weather is unseasonably warm and I'm trying to get it in while I can. How are y'all? — xoxo darling, Hayden
Tried the JCB at My Brother's Bar (well, delivered). 
The birthday gal!
Her rooftop is amazing.
Such a pretty sunset.
Spicy garlic edamame — maybe my favorite thing at the new Temaki.
A pumpkin chip cone from Little Man Ice Cream Factory.
Sent out even more postcards & letters encouraging people to vote.
The pumpkin spice cone from Hamburger Shack is amaze.
Breakfast tacos from Broadway Roxy.
It has been really freaking beautiful recently.
50 more postcards!
Lil weekday hike.
Ugh a killer sunset.
Guinness, Chocolate Mint milkshake from Slaters 50/50.
Hot chicken sandwich from Slaters 50/50.
Just a little leaf photo shoot.
Cheesy honey bread from Beau Jo's in Evergreen.
Mountain pizza from Beau Jo's.
Saw some friends in the creek.
Pumpkin milkshake from Magill's.
Brunch in Boulder Saturday morning.
A morning hike near the Flatirons.
Kind of obsessed with Rocky Mountain Pumpkin Ranch.
Tacos from El Tejado.
Sunday morning walk around Wash Park.
Brunch at Charcoal Bistro.
It was this little gal's birthday.
The biggest of Cosmos's Pizza.
Eloise in cake form.
Truly one of the most beautiful walks I've been on in a while.

Made this wreath the other day and I'm kind of in love.
Finally tried Snarf's and I really liked it! 

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