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Friday, December 11, 2020

My Favorite Christmas Movies

Happy Christmas movie season! I thought I'd list out some of my all-time favorites that I make time for each December. What are your favorites? — xoxo darling, Hayden

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

By far this is my favorite Christmas film. I love watching it at least once a year (usually Serena and I have whole convos after a watch because there's so much to still discuss). I think why I love it so much is the detailing they put into the world. The specific costumes that stick out in my mind are the Christmas dinner ones — they have actual cups of eggnog on them! And the scene with the two ladies competing over lights gets me every time — I want a light gun! Where to Watch: Netflix

Die Hard

Yes. It is a Christmas movie. And who wouldn't love a bad guy breaking into a giant tower all during a office holiday party? Where to Watch: HBO Max

A Christmas Story

This is my dad's favorite and so every year we put on the marathon in the background. I think I can pretty much quote it at this point. "You'll shoot your eye out " and "He looks like a pink nightmare" are my favorites. The way the film has the incredibly descriptive narration is just 10/10 for me. Plus, the clothes, decorations and whole Christmas vibe are evocative of old-school feels and I love it. Where to Watch: TNT & TBS starting on Dec. 24

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

I want a Wally World moose mug so bad. But one where the antlers are not hollow because that is just gross. This movie is such a fun one and I love all of the vacation movies. But there's something about Julia Louis-Dreyfus being the uptight neighbor that just does it for me the most. Where to Watch: AMC or buy on Amazon Prime

Bridget Jones Diary

100 percent a Christmas film as her mom is selling on the HSN of Britain on Christmas and her + her dad are sitting alone. Plus, the main characters always have terrible holiday-themed sweaters, so therefore holiday movie. Where to Watch: Starz

Love Actually

My fam bam has a tradition of watching this film on Christmas day itself. Kinda doesn't feel like the holiday season if we don't sing along to Billy Mack and company on the 25th. Love the plot-line of Liam but hate the Laura one...just cannot handle all that sadness on December. Where to Watch: Hulu+ or buy on Amazon Prime

The Holiday

I want to live in both of the houses (like everyone else) in this movie. A vacation in the massive LA home and a snowy day in the cottage would just be *chef's kiss*. Although I would need to be driven to the cottage purely because I hate driving in the snow and that bad boy looked s n o w y. The whole thing is wholesome and Jude Law is in his prime. Where to Watch: Hulu+ or buy on Amazon Prime

Bad Santa

Another one where my dad and I can quote so much of the film..."Is granny spry?" really gets our goat. Love Lorelai Gilmore being Mrs. Claus' sister and the little kid is just so adorable. The plot is hilarious, they are truly so so bad and it's just a weird, not your typical film around the season that's good. Where to Watch: Buy on YouTube or Amazon Prime

White Christmas

Every year I watch this one by myself because it's super long and I think I'm the only one that actually enjoys it. The costuming is just so phenomenal. And the setting and the overall concept (even though it doesn't make sense as to how it's saving the whole thing...another thought for another day) are just pure magic. Where to Watch: Netflix

The Ultimate Christmas Present

Okay. Here me out. This is the best holiday movie on Disney+. It's an OG DCOM movie with a baby Brenda Song is where it is at. In case you've never seen it I'm including the IMDB description:
A girl steals a weather machine from Santa Claus, to make a snow day. The machine breaks, and causes an out-of-control snowstorm. Where to Watch: Disney+

Eloise at Christmastime

Ugh, every time I watch this I fall more in love with it. Big fan of the true love plot but really in it for Eloise herself. The actress does such a good job of portraying her & her nanny (Julia Andrews) is the best. It makes me want to live in a hotel even though in actuality that sounds not so great. Where to Watch: Cannot find online...maybe on your local ABC station.

Harry Potter 

Most of these films fall in a autumn category for me but there are some cozy snow scenes and whenever Harry & Ron celebrate Christmas it's just so cute. Those roaring fires and letter sweaters are just so cozy. Where to Watch: Buy on Amazon Prime

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