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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Week Re-Cap

Oh what a restorative week at home. After inches and inches of snow what I needed most was 75 degree days in the sunshine of Fort Myers — and that's what I got. I hadn't been home since July and missed it so much! We basically ate, drank, hung out, went to the beach and caught up on some movies. I loved it, I needed it and now I'm ready (LOL, who am I kidding) for the snow that is coming tonight in Denver. Enjoy the excessive photos of my trip home below and let me know your favorite beach — xoxo darling, Hayden.
I had a super quick layover in Houston but that didn't stop me from grabbing a marg from Pappasito's.

I missed this view. 
We ate at the Bagel Factory almost every morning because it's what I miss most in Denver.

Got my hair cut after almost three years (yikes!).

Birthday lunch at Wisteria Tea Room.

My mom made a Southern Living Texas Sheet Cake Skillet and it was amaze.

Saw Baskerville at Alliance for the Arts — it was really cute!

Tried the new LaBelle Brewing and really liked it. 

Their take on a Cuban.
I cannot get over how beautiful Sanibel was on Sunday...like look at this!!

Got to check out the second branch of Gene's Books and holy moly it's beautiful!

Stopped for lunch at one of my Sanibel favorites Gramma Dot's.

A quick sip at Point Ybel Brewing.

Why did I move away? 

Had to get a Sun Harvest cone.

For my birthday dinner the fam went to Melting Pot — it was kind of my first time and we really liked it. 

The next book I'm reading — kind of loving it. Giving me Peter Mayle vibes. 

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