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Friday, February 14, 2020

61 in 1001

Okay, so...you're probably wondering woah, Hayden this is not the old school 101 in 1001 you've done the past five years. What is with this puny 61 number? Well, I'm here to say I could never do the 101 because I found myself forcing myself to come up with 101 in things to do. And then those things I chose didn't bring me joy as I attempted to complete them over the course of the three years these lists take. So...I decided why not make the list more achievable? And focus on more goals that mean more to me? That brings us to 61 in the same amount of time. You'll notice some of the old goals but with higher numbers (instead of 50 books, it's now 100, etc). Because I want to challenge myself in the right areas in the next two years. And I think it will work — but we shall see. What do you think? Is 61 tougher goals more doable than 101? — xoxo darling, Hayden

Began: February 14, 2020
Ends: November 11, 2022
0 completed, 61 to go!
In Progress
  1. Read 100 books (1. The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, 2. Comfort Me With Apples, 3. Aunt Dimity & the Widow's Curse)
  2. Travel to a new state
  3. Try 50 new restaurants
  4. Do 4 more Haute Table travel guides
  5. Watch 5 documentaries
  6. Try 3 new cocktails
  7. Go on a girls trip
  8. See 6 plays
  9. See 2 more classic films
  10. Take a spontaneous trip
  11. Try 20 new breweries
  12. Visit a dermatologist
  13. Visit a friend (not Hannah)
  14. Try a new cuisine
  15. See 3 more live shows
  16. Go to the gynecologist
  17. Visit a new national park
  18. Watch 3 more foreign films
  19. Find a financial planner
  20. Go to therapy
  21. Pursue graphic design somehow
  22. Bake a new cupcake flavor
  23. Take a spontaneous trip
  24. Travel by myself
  25. Attend the symphony
  26. Make Croquembouche
  27. Treat myself to a spa day
  28. Work on my book
  29. Travel to a new country
  30. Do something for my career
  31. Throw 3 more parties
  32. Re-read all of the Harry Potter books
  33. See an opera
  34. Add a new layer to my skincare routine
  35. Go to a wedding
  36. Cook 10 new recipes
  37. Shoot a gun
  38. Work on a campaign
  39. Go to a basketball or hockey game
  40. Get business cards
  41. Go on a fall foliage road trip
  42. Finally write my Austin guide
  43. Vote in the 2020 election
  44. Have my camera professionally cleaned
  45. Attend a caucus 
  46. Build a snowman
  47. Go to a drive-in movie
  48. Take a cooking class
  49. Go to 20 new coffee shops
  50. Create a photographer's guide to Denver
  51. Grow Denver Food Adventures to 3,500 followers
  52. See BeyoncĂ© (if possible)
  53. Go to a drag brunch
  54. Attend a state fair
  55. Buy something big for myself
  56. Bake bread
  57. Keep fresh flowers in the apartment for 3 months
  58. Donate to Planned Parenthood
  59. Go flower picking
  60. Buy perfume I truly like
  61. Finish this entire list in the time frame

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