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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Week Re-Cap

My AAUW branch at Public Policy Day.
Okay, so it has been two weeks since my last re-cap because last week I was so gosh darn sick I couldn't get up the energy to post anything. But also since I was sick there aren't a ton of photos to share...because I laid in bed for almost four whole days, ate very little and saw no one. Then this week has started off with a blizzard and is probably going to end with one too...we love that. I've been cooped up inside working and trying to finish the book I'm reading (see below). Mainly I'm just ticking off the hours until I can go home to Florida next week where it will be in the 80s instead of the 10s. Hopefully it's warmer wherever you are! — xoxo darling, Hayden

 A mid-week trip to the Denver Zoo.

The Chocolate Therapist's Hot Choc

A wonderful delivery from Kirby's Cookie Co. 

The book I'm reading, which was my secret santa present...super weird but good.

Saturday morning Waffle Bros. run.

Spent Saturday afternoon at the National Western Stock Show.

Mini donuts!!

 A Sunday morning brunch run with Autumn to Boulder, because why not?

El Taco de Mexico

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