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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Denver Dining Guide by Category

As y'all know, I keep an extensive guide to Denver's restaurants here but that is done by location, not by food type. And I had a request that I do the restaurants by category so here you go! Between the two guides you should be able to find the best dessert in Littleton or the best coffee in downtown Denver. Let me know your favorites or hit me up if you ever need recommendations — xoxo darling, Hayden.
How to Use the Denver Restaurant Guides:
-If you're looking based on location, use this guide.
-If you are looking for a specific food, use the guide below. 
-This guide is very specific in category. It begins with the time of day these can be eaten at (example: breakfast/brunch) then goes into categories ranging from bagels to ice cream. However, in each category there is also a "other" section for foods that don't quite fit into categories.

B R E A K F A S T / B R U N C H


New York Bagel Cafe

As we know, I'm kind of obsessed with bagels, so I like that there is a place pretty close to my apartment where I can get my fix. It's a cute spot, and the staff is kind.

The Bagel Deli

I need to go back here because I just stopped in to grab some bagels (which were pretty good) but they have everything you could ever want in their deli. Chocolate babka, latkes, etc. Plus, the restaurant looks good too. 
Bagel lover here, telling you that Rosenberg's is totally worth the hype. The downtown location is in a historic building and does fill up on a Sunday morning, so go early. But you should be able to find a seat if you are eating in. The Everything (aka the best bagel in the world) was the perfect balance of spices and crunchiness. They don't toast bagels, but they don't need to because their so fresh they're still warm.


City Donuts

If you want to support a local donut shop in Littleton, City Donuts is a great option! They have tons of different flavors but their chocolate iced with sprinkles is my favorite. It's like a fluffy sugary pillow.

Habit Doughnut Dispensary

A donut shop that is open for longer and their donuts are good! Plus, you get to squirt a shot of some type of alcohol in your donut...and let me say, it does wonderful things. I had the Real Mint Shady with Jameson and loved it.

LaMar's Donuts

I finally tried this Denver staple, they've been around since 1933, and was not disappointed. I had a pumpkin spice donut, because I'm basic and it was so perfectly done.

TRADITIONAL (Eggs, Bacon, Pancakes)


If you are super into the aesthetics like me, have brunch at Annette. It's in Stanley Marketplace — a foodhall in Aurora — but the restaurant has its own space and that 10am light streaming through the windows is beautiful. Did I mention if you order coffee, it comes in a Le Creuset press?! Debora and I loved the food, it was all so good.

Bacon Social House

I have never been to the original location of this spot, but I love the Littleton one. It's right across from the Littleton courthouse and has a rooftop with views of the Front Range. It's a all-day brunch type of place, which as a basic human I love. Definitely get the bacon flight, bacon & waffles and an aperol spritz.
This beautiful restaurant on Broadway is perfect for a special
occasion (it is Zagat rated after all). Or, if you want to go and not spend a ton of money, go for brunch! I had the Apple Pie Pancakes — they're served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream — and coffee and was so content.

Blue Sky Cafe

My favorite "work lunch" place, is Blue Sky in Denver West. In a sea of chains, this one shines through. Everything is fresh, they lean healthy and you can get breakfast the whole time they're open. Weirdly my favorite entree is a salad (very rare for me). It's the Crispy Southwest Bowl — tortilla chips, greens, black beans, pepper, corn, honey chipotle, cilantro, pepitas and ranch. The pancakes also look good, so I need to go try those. To me this place is like a local Le Peep/First Watch.

Bowles Cafe

You walk into Bowles and you get the sense that everyone knows everybody. It's cute and sweet. I did breakfast on a cold, rainy morning so I didn't get to take advantage of the outdoor seating next to the waterfall — but do that if you can. The breakfast burrito was pretty good and the service was excellent. It's that no-frills breakfast spot near your house that won't have an insane wait on a weekend.

Breakfast on Broadway

A classic diner spot with an awesome sign (think a giant frying pan with eggs and bacon) on Broadway more toward Littleton, Breakfast on Broadway is a good spot for early Sunday mornings. It does get pretty packed around the brunch hours, but you can join the waitlist on Yelp before you get there.

Breakfast Queen

I was really surprised by this place! It's in downtown Englewood and you can park in the free parking lot behind, and walk through the back door. With the more basic meals you can either get toast or tortillas and that makes me real happy. I got scrambled eggs, bacon and potatoes with tortillas so I could make my own breakfast tacos. The coffee is strong and everyone seems to know everyone early in the morning, which is fun.

Cafe Terracotta

A classic brunch spot in a big, old house off of the main Littleton drag, Cafe Terracotta does not disappoint. The brunch wait can be kind of long, so go early on a Sunday. But while you wait indulge in their mimosas and pretty much all the food on the menu is good. I had a classic breakfast with bacon, eggs and potatoes, all were good and cooked to perfection.

Cozy Cottage

If there is a Sunday brunch place in Denver, Cozy Cottage is it. It's this tiny little house on Tennyson with a great patio (well, if it's summer). Sit outside on a sunny day and get the chocolate chip waffles. They are crispy and Belgian in every way possible. I love 'em so much. Also, the restaurant is BYOB, so I saw a ton of people bringing their own champagne and just using the restaurant's orange juice, which is kind of ingenious.
I did a Sunday brunch here in December and fell in love. This is the restaurant portion of the bakery above. There can be a wait, but it goes by quickly  — the place is tiny so you would

expect it. We ordered a ton of stuff, and all of it was good. I would recommend the croque madame and the ratatouille. I wouldn't suggest for a huge group of you and your friends, but for two people it is perfect.

Esters Denver

Go for Sunday brunch! Their biscuits and sausage gravy is so good, it warms your insides and makes you feel incredibly content. They do an insane mimosa bar that I didn't get the chance to partake in but I'm definitely going back.


This spot out near the airport...as close as a cute restaurant can be to the airport... had been on my radar for a while but I hadn't had a chance to try it until recently. The place looks like if Bumble (the dating/friendship app) was a restaurant. In the best way possible — it's highly Instagramable with bright yellows and honeycomb design features. The wait can be super long on weekends (but the counter is a free-for-all). Get the Fro-J, basically a frozen mimosa and split the cinnamon roll — it's massive. I enjoyed the breakfast nachos, because that's fun but I think they could have thrown some scrambled eggs on top to keep with the breakfast theme.

A good stand-by near the capitol and DU, they do really good donut holes that make for a good appetizer. Jelly has that classic, colorful dinner, like Kerbey in Austin and it is a great place to start if you are touring downtown Denver.

Le Peep

Le Peep is my go-to for breakfast in Littleton. It's near my apartment; I love the vibe — it's always packed — they have fun seasonal dishes and their iced coffee is A+.

Lucile’s Creole Cafe

There are many Lucile's in the Denver-area, but I've only been to the Littleton version, which sits right on the water in a cool yellow house. The inside vibe isn't exactly what you'd expect, but they do some amazing biscuits...they look like pillows. Plus, you can get beignets, which make everything better.

Olive & Finch

O&F has two locations, I went to the one in Cherry Creek for an early breakfast and was super happy. You order at the counter and they have a French flare. Mainly this is important because you can get a Cafe au Lait and a beinget as one of your sides.

Original Pancake House

OPH might be a chain you are familiar with but just in case you aren't, here's this one! It's located in the busiest/maybe best shopping center in Littleton and it doesn't disappoint. The meals aren't cheap but they are MASSIVE. Look at the whipped cream atop those chocolate chip pancakes! If you are headed for a long day shopping, hiking, driving this would be my go-to.
Syrup seems to be a Denver breakfast classic. They have three locations around Denver-proper. A friend and I visited the Cherry Creek version, which is a little odd because it's kind of in a basement. But they do a great job getting natural light in and the s'mores pancakes are phenomenal (plus, highly Instagramable).

The Cow, An Eatery

This is a cute spot on the main Morrison drag. I love it because it's one of the closest breakfast restaurants near my apartment and it's a great place to take people who don't have mountains where they're from. The drive to the place is almost magic. They do have a parking lot, but I've gone during the week at 9am and gotten the last spot, so be prepared to park on the street. They serve up all the classic breakfasts, including a delicious biscuit dish smothered in gravy. If you're visiting Morrison in the afternoon and want a sweet treat, you can walk up to their ice cream window.

This place gets insane on a Sunday morning but oh is the food worth the wait. It's in the Lakewood Belmar area — kinda like The Gulch or Coconut Point but Denver-vibes and the kitchen serves up this biscuit dish covered in cheese that makes you want to drool on your table.

The Market

An excellent place for iced coffee in downtown, they also serve up a classic, cheap breakfast. And there are just so many goodies along the walls and in nooks-and-crannies of the shop. 

Three Little Griddles

You have to travel a pretty good distance to this one if you don't live in south Denver, and the wait on Sundays can be pretty steep, but the griddles are worth it. I highly recommend the ebelskivers (seasonal donut holes) as an appetizer before you enjoy the savory pancake...yeah, it's amazing.


Located at the entrance to Downtown Littleton, Toast is always packed. I was so pleasantly surprised and happy with my trip there. I thought it would be your classic diner, not that there is anything wrong with that, but it's so much more. They are incredibly creative with their food, I had the honey chicken biscuits smothered in black pepper gravy and wanted to try one of the epic pancakes. 

Tupelo Honey

A chain, but such a good one. The fam and I visited the location right by Union Station on a Sunday around noon and it was nuts inside. But we got a seat at the bar and I cannot stress enough how cute the place is. Down to their glasses, which have graphics of a hand holding horses (aka, hold your horses). It was as if Kacey Musgraves had designed the restaurant. The food was good as well, very southern comfort in the best way possible.


A tiny breakfast restaurant on Tennyson, Wendell's is cramped on a Sunday morning but the waffle is worth the visit. Plus, their font is amazing...I love it.


Probably the most Instagrammed food in Denver, Denver Biscuit is pretty good. I'm from the South so I'm a little more judgy of biscuits than I probably should be, but they are good. Get the cinnamon roll because that thing is a delight

Duffeyroll Cafe

OMG, some friends & I tried this place during the South Pearl Farmers Market (my all time favorite in Denver) and it was so good! I just assumed it was all cinnamon rolls, which aren't my favorite, but they do amazing savory options as well. I highly recommend getting a few mini rolls and going to town. The Bacon, Cheddar, House Roasted Tomato and Original are my favorites.

Latke Love

This might be the place I suggest the most in Littleton. It's in a cute house, off of Littleton Blvd. Latke Love serves up traditional Jewish delicacies but I think their latkes with homemade apple sauce are the best dish. They taste like home, super warm, crunchy, salty, now I want them.

Rosie’s Wild Flour

Please walk, don't run to Rosie's. It's in a strip center across from the Southwest Mall and if you didn't know it was there, you wouldn't go. BUT GO. I went twice in two days because I love it so much. They serve up delicious baked goods but they also do great breakfast biscuit sandwiches that both myself and a friend love. The atmosphere is cute and the guy who operates the front is hilarious. Seriously, go to this local spot and enjoy it!

Rise & Shine

When I'm missing Bojangles, Rise & Shine is the place I go. Also, it's just a great breakfast place with good biscuits (their biscuits are much like Bojangles) and tasty combos. It's a counter service situation with lots of seating and while it can get crazy, it moves pretty well.

The Cereal Box 

The best friend and I love a cereal restaurant, so when we saw that downtown Arvada was home to one, we immediately put it down to visit — and it doesn't disappoint. They have so many different options, I like to go with a pre-created concoction but you can make your own, and they do some pretty crazy milkshakes.

L U N C H / D I N N E R


I had found Thai food I loved in Austin, so I was worried it would take me forever in Denver but it only took me two months! Aung's is seriously amazing their Pad Thai might be the best I've ever had, and when they say something is spicy, they mean it. Some of my mouth died a little bit — in the best possible way — after consuming their hot Panang curry.

Farmhouse Thai

So, Aung's is my favorite Thai restaurant in Denver BUT Farmhouse Thai is a close second. The benefit of Farmhouse is their Crab Rangoons may just be the best I've had in Colorado. Their Panang Curry lit me up in the best way possible, and it wasn't even Thai hot. 


Located in an old mortuary, Linger is a big Denver restaurant. A friend and I somehow got in for an hour inbetween seatings on a Friday night. The menu is an ecelctic mix of African, Asian, European and more. We had a fried chicken bao bun, where the bun was perfectly fluffy. And some pad thai that, wasn't spicy enough for me, but was flavorful. My favorite dish was the Chicken B’Stilla Bites which have almonds, labneh, harissa and a pomegranate-celery salad. They make a mean Paloma and give you a popcorn doused in an interesting mix of spices instead of bread. 
Lauren is a Ramen lover, I think she has tried almost every ramen shop in the greater Denver area, so when she said Sera's was the best, I believed her. And their flavors are superb. It's located in the Highlands, and you have to go down a skinny alley to get there, but I would highly recommend. 
As an avid reader of Kristen Ashley's Rock Chick series, I knew I wanted to try Sushi Den when I moved out here. And it did not disappoint. The atmosphere screams cool...but that Denver cool where you don't feel out of place for wearing jeans. And even on a Thursday night, the wait wasn't too bad. We had a seat at the bar so we got to see the chefs making our sushi and we loved it. I don't remember the exact dishes we got but everything was really fresh, and it is just a fun night-out spot.
The best friend and I tried Sweet Ginger after a night at our favorite speakeasy and instantly fell in love. When she visited in April we went again...we just love it so much. Plus, the staff are so sweet. It's in a basement portion of Cherry Creek North, so it can be a little hard to find, but once you're there, the atmosphere is great and getting it to-go is also super easy.

Twin Dragon

My favorite Chinese spot, thus far, is in the Englewood area, right on Broadway. It's super unsuspecting, so don't accidentally drive by it. But they have the best Kung Pao Chicken I've had, it was spicy like I asked for it and the people working were really nice.



Acres confuses me, but in a good way. It's off Broadway and it's fancy but casual at the same time. The Beef Cheek Empanadas are A+ and I highly recommend the Bruce's Biscuits, which come with a honey butter second to none.

Bonnie Brae Tavern

A Denver classic, Bonnie Brae seems like somewhere where everyone knows everyone. They do burgers and pizzas and the burger I had (the Hank Special) was so good. The atmosphere is old school but there is parking and it will fill you up.

When I was about to cry from the most stressful week of my life (should I TM that?) I got an email from Liz, my now roommate. So Breck Brew holds a lot of happiness for me, I found an apartment that I loved in the parking lot, I met one of my good friends for the first time by the fireplace, I spent St. Patrick's Day and other occasions here. The brewery is beautiful, with a gorgeous dining room and cool outdoor space that is insane on a summer day. They even have a popsicle stand some weekends that I cannot wait for now that the snow has stopped. The bbq options on the menu are delicious, and the beer is good too. I highly, highly recommend.
Lindsey and I stumbled upon this spot after our original dinner plan backfired (three-hour waits are no fun, ya know?) and we were so pleasantly surprised. With a name like Brutal Poodle, we really weren't sure what we were getting into, but the food is amazing! They do these mac & cheese dishes that are magnificent, and the chicken and waffles dish is great as well.

Chocolate Lab

On the forefront of interesting dining, Chocolate Lab is an experience. Each dish is handcrafted to not just be about the taste but the presentation. Plus, they make their own chocolates in interesting flavors and they make some of the best hot chocolate in Denver. I would suggest food items but their menu changes fairly frequently so I'm not sure they'll have what I had when you visit.

Chook Chicken

A fast casual restaurant started by some pretty successful Denver restaurateurs, Chook is good. Like  ruly good. I took Julia and kind of fell in love with it. While it's counter service, the restaurant doesn't feel that way, it feels upscale. The chicken was juicy, the mac & cheese creamy and the potatoes are a great side option. Have the Piri-Piri sauce and you'll feel like you're at Nando's.
My Texas Exes chapter meets at Chopper's for our game-watching parties, but dang, they have good food too! We did brunch (that OU game is at 10am mountain time y'all) and it was great. I highly recommend the nachos.

Euclid Hall

Off Larimer Square, this spot is a little over the top but the sandwiches are well done. The rest of my party loved the Bubble & Squeak. They also have a good beer selection.I think it's good for a once in a while situation, but their food is a little too complicated for me on the regular.

Flying Pig Burger Co.

In west Littleton, Flying Pig serves up juicy burgers and good craft beer. They also do good specials so check out their website before you head over.

Fox & Hound

This sports bar invited me to dine for free and I said yes (of course) because I love a good sports bar. And this one doesn't disappoint. It's massive yet intimate at the same time. The night I was there my roommate and I were seated in the more billiards-style room and we had no idea trivia was going on on the other side of the restaurant until my roommate went to the restroom. For a sports bar to be quiet can be a nice thing. They also have about 8,000 tvs so if you want to watch "the game" they will have it. I highly recommend the boozy milkshakes and the loaded tater tots.

Grande Station

Right near the RTD line in downtown Littleton, Grande Station is a good local spot. A friend and I went for dinner and it's the kind of place that can be nice if you want it to be or casual. They do great drink specials and breakfast most days. I had the Southwest Chicken Salad, basically it's covered in cheese and that makes me happy. Julia had the Station Prime sandwich, which is basically a whole ribeye for fairly cheap, so a super good deal. 

Gunther Toody’s

I love a classic diner, the more over-the-top the better and Gunther Toody's is right up my alley. The best friend adores their Monte Cristo, I love their thick chocolate malts and the burger is also good.


I love this little cafe off Pearl. It's really cute, kind of feels like it belongs in LA, with tons of natural light. The breakfast burrito is massive and has so many fun ingredients. Also, they do an iced coffee with orange that is so strange but so good. 

New Image Brewing

My friend and I tried to go to this brewery/restaurant one Friday night and it turned out they were celebrating an anniversary that was insane so we ended up at a chain. But a few Sundays ago I took my parents because the brewery is known for IPAs and my mother is an IPA lover/snob (give her a follow). I wasn't expecting to like the food as much as I did. I snacked on the Carnivore Nachos, house-made chips and shredded chicken with all the normal fixins.
Next Door is a chain in multiple states, but I think it started in Boulder, so it's like eating at a local spot...right? Anyway, the food is pretty good it's a nice place to grab a sandwich if you need to catch a train to the airport. They do a good happy hour and a pretty good marg.
I've discovered one of my favorite parts of Denver is the neighborhood restaurants. I don't know how their zoning works...because they would never have had this in Fort Myers, but I love it. Park Burger in Platt Park is a perfect example of an excellent neighborhood spot. They have good burgers, a nice alcohol selection and good vibes. It's an ideal mid-week date night spot or a place to meet up with friends to dissect your date...

Root Down in DIA

If you are looking for something that isn't a fast meal, Root Down is the place to go. Their food is delicious — I had a meatball bahn mi that was A+ — but they also have a good wine list and these really nice tables if you're traveling by yourself, like I always am. It's a treat-yo-self kind of airport meal, and I like that.
Debz had flown in, and we met at Schoolhouse because it was between us. I had no idea what to expect and let me tell you, they go hard on the school theme. But it's fun. I had the chicken and waffle skewers, which turned out to be like corn dogs but 1000 percent better?
One of my favorite Denver-area restaurants, Steuben's does not disappoint. It's basically up-scale diner food, but it's done so right. Their Nashville hot chicken was just as good — if not better (sorry Nashville) than what I had this summer. Plus, they do breakfast all day and have homemade Choco Tacos. There is one in uptown Denver, I haven't been, but I love that the one in Arvada is in an old diner that they renovated to make it look straight out of the '70s. 
I tell everyone who comes to visit to check out Terminal Bar. You cross of Union Station but also get great beer options (and good cocktails) in a cool setting with great food. I like the grilled cheese and the pretzel knots with beer cheese. But I haven't had a bad meal. You can eat in the main hall of the station or, if you go during lunch especially, you can eat in the actual restaurant, which has an awesome atmosphere.

The Pig & The Sprout

Downtown, a little walk from Union Station, The Pig and The Sprout is a cool spot. We sat right by the windows, which were open because it was still summer and enjoyed the people watching. They have a good beer selection and offer a meat menu and a vegetarian menu. I had the pulled pork sandwich, it was good, I wish they had put the bbq sauce on it instead of on the side — but I'm a bbq traditionalist. Julia had the poutine and seemed to enjoy it.
I really like this neighborhood spot on Broadway. They have awesome alcohol options — yes, a whiskey flight is on the menu — and the food was good too. Plus, the atmosphere is just warm, and you feel like if you went more than twice, you would know the staff and have a good relationship.

Tstreet Roadhouse

In Belmar, Tstreet had been on my list for a super long time and when we walked in I remembered why. The interior is super well designed, and feels quite fancy for Lakewood. I had their nachos, which are massive and the mixture of cheeses is delightful. The drinks looked good too. 


AJ's Pit Bar-B-Que

This place is totally unsuspecting. A friend and I went before an event and you walk through this door into a beautiful dining room. You could host a wedding reception here if you like the barn aesthetic but live in Denver. The bbq was super good, but if you are a banana pudding traditionalist, skip that because they use lady fingers not wafers...although I thought it was an interesting texture. 

Hogback BBQ

This one is really off-the-beaten-path in Littleton, I had never been in this part of town until I sought Hogback out. But, ooo, is it good! Highly recommend the egg rolls (asian cabbage, smoked pork, cheddar cheese and a spicy Thai sauce). The Original Porker, a pulled pork sandwich on toast with roasted hatch green chilis and melted pepper jack cheese, has the perfect kick. 

Piggin’ Out BBQ

Piggin' Out has a few locations but the Lakewood one is fun because all the seating is outside. It's an eclectic mix of seating options but so nice for a hot summer day or a crisp fall afternoon. All the meat was flavorful and smoked well. Would recommend this spot to get out of your routine!

Post Oak BBQ

If you're a Texan or if you just love Texas, Post Oak is for you. Literally, their logo, their atmosphere, everything about it is Texas. I went on a weeknight and it wasn't crazy crowded. You line up and order, then pick a seat. They have a full bar and the sides are really good. They do a mean sausage as well!

Rolling Smoke BBQ

Located in Stanley Marketplace, Rolling Smoke is bringing traditional bbq to Denver. Their mac & cheese is made with shell pasta and is delightfully cheese, plus they serve traditional baked beans — where there is almost more molasses than bean. The meats were smoked well and I was shocked at how good it all was on a Sunday afternoon only a few hours before closing.

Saucy Buns BBQ

Maybe the best mac & cheese I've had in Colorado and some really good baked beans, weirdly the meat came in last. But that doesn't mean in isn't good too. Saucy Buns is in the same building as the Elvis Theater and it's tiny but so worth a visit. The employees are also super nice! 

Yazoo BBQ

Located kind of at the entrance to RiNo, Yazoo has great bbq and a cool atmosphere. They have seating on the first floor and then a full bar and more seats up top. And y'all, they have parking in downtown Denver! I must say the baked beans are excellent and the mac & cheese was good too. The chicken was also flavorful.


One of the first places I tried in Denver, and where I took my photo to announce I was moving to Denver, Avanti is a great foodhall. They have two bars, two floors, a rooftop patio and tons of good food options. I'm currently loving Bistro Georgette for their ham and cheese sandwich — it's just like what I ate in Paris. Brava! Pizzeria is also great.
Most of Denver's foodhalls are really nice, kind of over-the-top, but Broadway Market reminds me of those earlier versions. I call it industrial-chic it's black and white tile, and I love it. It feels like a foodhall. They have good wifi, and it's a great place to just chill on a Saturday afternoon. I like the Maria Empanada stand because empanadas are some of my favorite foods. Halie liked Mother Tongue's falafel, and the real star is Miette et Chocolat with its to-die-for chocolate chip cookies.

Edgewater Public Market (Gyros King)

Denver's newest food hall, and probably the most casual is Edgewater. It's in a warehouse, so not a ton of atmosphere (which I like), but there are a bunch of communal tables, a good bar and lots of options for everyone in your life. We tried Gyros King and I was pleasantly surprised. It was a good gyro and I would for sure go again.

Milk MarketBao Chica BaoMano PastariaSalt & Grinder Salumeria

I call Milk Market the fanciest foodhall in Denver because it just feels dressed up. I had been before to try the hot chicken, gelato, coffee and breakfast spot but I recently went to the three above for dinner. The pork bao buns are where it's at at Bao Chica Bao. Get a mixed plate at Mano Pastaria, the roasted bell peppers are goooood. At Salt & Grinder have the cheese plate, there was this soft, spreadable cheese that I was obsessed with and the bread is good! 

Tributary Market & Drinkery

If you love an intimate food hall, this one is for you. It's right off the main street in Downtown Littleton and while it's the smallest food hall in the Denver-area, it's one of my favorites. I have only been once but I tried two restaurants and I would go back in a heart beat. Fringe Pizza makes the classic neapolitan-style pizza with their own homemade crusts. It's a very easy pizza to end up eating the whole thing...as we did. Also, Thai Kun (a favorite of mine in Austin) now has a Colorado outpost here! Their beef panang curry has so much flavor and depending on the day may make you cry.


Abrusci's Fire & Vine

Right near my office, Abrusci's a nice place for a date night or friendship dinner. We tried the pasta, which was fresh and flavorful. I love the outdoor patio, with its modern fireplaces. 

Blue Pan Pizza

If you're a fan of Detroit-style pizza, this should be your go-to. They do awesome garlic bread covered in melted cheese on their homemade pizza dough and then the classic pepperoni pizza is perfectly crispy. We went to the Highlands location, which is absolutely tiny so expect to wait. On Tuesdays they have a good beer special too.

Cafe Jordano

One of my favorite Italian places in Colorado, Cafe Jordano is that local Italian place you see in movies. The whole staff seems like family and their pasta is fresh. I love their ravioli because it comes with a meatball and that thing is the most flavorful meatball I've ever consumed. 
I was introduced to Cosmo's after a very bad dinner...to the point we had a second meal...so I thought it might have been the circumstances that made me think it was phenomenal pizza. But then I went back and no, it's the pizza itself. If you're anywhere near downtown drive over to this spot (they have a parking lot) and get a slice with the spicy ranch. It's so worth it.
Ooo, Gozo. This place has splendid food. I met Halie one night...be forewarned finding parking in this area of Broadway is almost impossible on a Friday night (sorry again for being so late Halie!)...and we loved the food. I had the pork and chorizo meatballs, served with the creamiest polenta and a delicious sauce, and it was the definition of cozy. I want to go back on a snowy...okay maybe not snowy because I don't drive when it snows, but chilly night in January and eat that dish with a glass of red wine.
I often think that Lauren, Blair and I's friendship is like those girl power movies where they are all out to dinner and drinks in NYC, and cool music is playing over a montage of them laughing...you may think I'm insane, but it's true. Every time we get together, we end up staying at a restaurant for three hours, and my face hurts when I have to leave. And one of my favorite places we've done this was Hops & Pie...aka one of my favorite pizza places in Denver. It's in a cool neighborhood, has a parking lot and puts mashed potatoes on pizza...yep. It's glorious.
A fast-casual Denver chain, Mici, is just good when you need to meet a girlfriend and vent about your love life...you know what I mean? They do great pasta, but the gelato is truly where it is at. I would highly recommend placing an order, grabbing it to-go, taking it home and watching a movie with a bottle of TJ's two-buck-chuck.

Piccino Wood Oven Pizza

A cute pizza spot with great deals — including a 6" pizza, half salad and drink for $12.25 — the food is really yummy. It's fast casual but a little bit nicer so you can use it as a date night spot or a place to meet with your girlfriends for their wine bottle deal on Monday nights.
I spotted this little place in Lakewood on Instagram one day and immediately put it on my list. Lakewood can be kind of barren for locally-owned restaurants, so I was really excited. The place has great lighting, a good craft beer selection and tons of pizza options. And the pizza...oh my, my mouth drools a little remembering how good it was. And they have spicy honey — which is worth its weight in gold. If you live in the southern Denver area, this is a great restaurant to meet friends on a weeknight for laughs and drinks. 


The best friend and I ate at this stall in Denver Central Market and were so happy with it. We had a spicy pepperoni pizza (well, you call those soppressata). It was super spicy but so good! I dream about that pizza to this day.

Walter’s 303 Pizza Publik House

The best friend found this place after we were starving from hiking...this happens quite frequently to us, so we took off our muddy shoes and basically sped over. I had never heard of Walter's until she found it, but oh my goodness their crust is SO good. Like I may have had dreams about it since then. The spot is in an unsuspecting strip center near downtown Littleton, but you walk in, and the place is nice and the staff are even nicer. I think it would be the perfect, movie-moment, neighborhood pizza joint for anyone.

White Pie

A pizza spot I recommend to most people White Pie is near downtown. It's a nice thin crust and they make this thing called a rosemary puff, basically pizza dough cookies with a buttery sauce and it's one of the best things I've ever eaten.


Adelitas y Cocina

As I try to eat at all the Littleton restaurants — the Denver community I call home — this was at the top of my list. It's located along the adorable main street downtown and has a rooftop portion. Have yet to go up there but the roommate and I grabbed dinner at the bar one night and I was happily surprised. We had margaritas, they make 'em strong and the Pollo con Crema is excellent. It's smothered in this chipotle cream sauce that I wish they bottled and sold so I could put it on everything.

Barcelona Wine Bar

Perfect for a date night, Barcelona is a cool spot in RiNo serving up paella and tons of wine. Definitely get the ham & manchego croquetas, kuri squash hummus and spiced beef empanadas. It was one of those meals that I walked away from feeling super content.
Okay, it seems like Denverites are in two camps about Casa Bonita, ones that absolutely detest it and ones who see it for the kitschy glory. I'm here for it. It reminds me of the Mexico ride at Epcot combined with the Rainforest Cafe and just a whole lot of childhood fun. The roomie and I went on a Wednesday, so it wasn't crowded — no line, but apparently, it gets nuts on the weekends. I would say it's a photography paradise because you have cliff divers, a waterfall, sopaipillas (the best part of the meal) and more. It's just so much fun if you accept it for what it is and go along for the ride.
Comida has a location in Stanley Marketplace, and it's great. They do an excellent happy hour on Tuesday (it's all day), plus their watermelon jalapeño margarita is something I think about on the reg. The queso is also thick, which I prefer, and the chips are the perfect compliment. Oh, and the tacos are good — forgot to mention the most crucial part?

Dos Santos

A cute taco place near downtown Dos Santos strength is honestly in their homemade choco taco...I kid you not. The taco is pretty good, but their salsa lacked a little flavor, so maybe skip the chips & salsa.

A fun place for happy hour + dinner mid-week with your friends, el Camino has a good vibe and delicious queso. Get the queso and chips for the table and then get the queso mac and cheese for yourself. You might go into a food coma, but it will be so worth it.
Blair and I tried this a few weeks after I moved to Denver and it is the more local Chipotle...and yes, I know Chipotle started here. You walk through the line and pick your stuff, but the best part is the full bar. Get a marg, they are strong & big and a cup a queso, and you'll be set.

Quiero Arepas

I'd never had an arepa before I visited this spot in Platt Park but I loved it. The one I had, had shredded chicken, black beans and a bit of cheese but was so warm on a cold day that I will be going back ASAP. 

Señor Bear

One of my favorite restaurants in the Highlands, their do this spicy potato dish with melted cheese and I think about it frequently. The empanadas are a nice buttery, flaky pastry too. In December they'll do a Christmas pop-up where they do special drinks for the holiday season. 

Tacos Selene

This little spot is located in an unassuming strip-mall near the Elvis movie theater...if you know, you know. I wasn't expecting a whole lot but you walk in and it's cute and the service is great. The tacos are tiny — just like the classic taquerias in Texas — and they do good sauces/salsas as well.

The Alley

If you are a margarita consumer like me, The Alley is a great spot for you in downtown Littleton. They have so many flavors, including a prickly pear, which we all know brings out the Texan in me. The food truck out back serves up tacos, and they usually have live music. Have four or five margs like a friend, and I did, and you'll end up singing "Redneck Woman" far too loudly with the band.


Acme Delicatessen

Located in Union Station, this sandwich spot is a little pricey but so good. The bread was excellent, I liked the shredded lettuce and the chipotle aioli is so good. It is the perfect place to grab food before you get on a train or if you are going to sit down and get work done in the station.


A "fast food" joint that is so good, I love it. They basically make fried chicken sandwiches, milkshakes, etc. You order on a computer and it just pops out of the kitchen. I had the Nashville Hot and it was h o t. But so good. Also, the banana cream pie milkshake is excellent. It tastes just like banana pudding.

Great Harvest 

My favorite food is bread, so when I walked into Great
Harvest and they had a "bread bar" for sampling I might have lost myself a bit. They do really nice sandwiches, baked goods and I highly recommend a loaf of their cinnamon chip or challah bread — you won't regret it.
This spot is similar to Panera, but you feel more at home and less chain-y. I especially like to stop in during the holiday season where the shelves are brimming with baked goods. They also do a good breakfast.
One night I was headed to the airport for a late flight and I parked at the Arvada RTD parking garage but wanted to try a new restaurant and not pay airport prices so I stopped into Lloyd's. It's a good classic sandwich shop with some actual atmosphere if you end up eating in.
In the Milk Market, Lou's Hot Naked is a nice place to get dinner before seeing a show downtown. The bestie and I
enjoyed a sandwich — get the food waffle fries — but I will say, if you want it hot, don't get medium...we weren't sure of the spice level, and the medium left us wanting more. Milk Market has tons of seating, but I liked sitting at the bar and interacting with the staff.


Maybe my new favorite restaurant in Union Station, I love this place for lunch. Now, if I have extra time I will stop in here before boarding the train to the airport so I don't have to buy an expensive meal at DIA. Their fried chicken bahn mi is good in every way possible. Crisp bread, crunchy chicken, flavorful sauce, snappy veggies...so good. Plus, the place is just super cute inside. 


Oh my laawwwwd. I have thought about this sandwich from Parsley for months...also the smoothie was good too. The spicy turkey has halfroasted turkey, roasted green chiles, sun-dried tomato, roma tomato, organic red onion and an olive oil vinaigrette. It's so good, it's spicy but flavorful and I loved it so much. The place is cute, it closes pretty early so it's really open for lunch and takeaway in the evening. 

Platt Brewing Company (Gates Deli & Grog)

Platt Brewing is one of our go-to breweries because they do good trivia and the guys are so nice! The beer itself is good and the pizza sandwich at Gates Deli (inside the brewery) is such a great drinking food.
I don't know how I discovered Spinelli's, but I had some time to kill before an event, so I was looking for a new place to try. It's a classic neighborhood market, complete with gourmet foods and really nice staff. But the true stars are the sandwiches; I can genuinely say the Jerry's Classic (Genoa salami, Capicola, smoked ham, provolone, roasted red peppers and house dressing on a ciabattini roll) is one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. Those red peppers were a spectacular addition to the whole thing...I want one right now, dang it! Grab a Topo out of the fridge and sit on their sturdy wooden tables inside, or if it's a beautiful day grab the metal table outside and people watch in the bougie Park Hill Neighborhood.

Taste of Philly

I'm a big philly cheesesteak fan, I grew up with a place right by my house, so I was curious how this place would be. It was classic and perfect. Good for when you just want something a little greasy and bad for you.

The Budlong

This hot chicken joint is in the Zeppelin Station food hall and let me just say, their chicken lit me up. I think I do fairly well with spicy foods so I got the extra hot and it burned...but in a good way. I like that you can get the chicken in strips instead of just a piece on a sandwich roll. It makes it easier for leftovers, which I definitely had. The mac & cheese was creamy as well and helped soothe my mouth.

Tommy's Subs

Okay, for anyone who has ever lived/been in Florida and tried a Publix Sub, this shop is the closest thing in Denver I've found to them. They put this pepper jelly on all their sandwiches that is absolute heaven. I think about this sandwich a lot...and my co-worker is also obsessed.


Halie introduced me to this really fun spot. It's incredibly aesthetically pleasing, so get your iPhone camera ready, but the food is really good too. Have the curry waffle fries, because where else are you going to get that dish? Also, the cocktails are kind of insane but so fun.


A fast casual Mediterranean spot, Taziki's is super good. Their hummus is amaze and I like that while it's fast casual they are actual meals. Like you don't go down a line saying what you want (no offense to one of my favorite med-fast-casuals). Plus, it's really cute inside and a good place to meet a friend for lunch.

Pierogies Factory

If you like pierogies, which how could you not? This is kind of the go-to place in Denver. I like their schnitzel, which you can get with a few pierogies on the side. They also have a gelato shop inside the store and you can purchase frozen pierogies to-go.

Shawarma Mediterranean Grill

A fast-casual spot in south Denver, Shawarma has phenomenal spicy hummus. The folks who run it are really nice, and on a Friday night, it can get pretty crazy in there.



If you are looking for a classic bakery, Azucar is it. This pink-walled Broadway spot has everything you could ever need. They do good empanadas, and their mini chocolate mousse cakes will make your heart speed up from happiness.

Beet Box

A vegan coffee shop and bakery in north Cap Hill, Beet Box is a cute spot. The latte I had was really good — I couldn't even tell that it didn't have traditional cow's milk in it. The s'mores bar I had was not my favorite thing ever, but I think I'm just not meant to vegan (I'm super impressed with people who can be). I did love the marshmallow toasted on top. 

My favorite place to take my laptop in downtown has great lighting, delicious baked goods and good coffee (and excellent eggnog chai during the holiday season). The owners are incredibly sweet, and you just feel good about spending a Sunday morning there.

Colorado Cookie Company

Like Great American Cookie Company but not in a sketchy mall, CCC serves up the regular flavors plus unique seasonal flavors. I went in the fall to try their pumpkin spice and it didn't disappoint. 


I'm a cookie lover, they are my second favorite dessert (second only to ice cream) and Crumbl does cookies well. The aesthetics are amazing and the cookies come out warm. The frosted animal cookie was buttery perfection.

Das Meyer Fine Pastry Chalet

I found this place when I was making my masterlist of restaurants I wanted to try when I first moved here, then I read an article about it and then, finally, I visited. And it doesn't disappoint. First of all, it's in a really pretty spot and it does look like a chalet. And second of all, the pastry case is MASSIVE. They pretty much have everything you could ever want. I tried a cookies & cream brownie and it was perfectly moist and crisp at the same time...maybe not the best description. But I 10/10 recommend.
Devil's Food is what you want in a coffee shop/bakery. It has a great aesthetic, plenty of seating, outlets, wifi and is on one of the cutest streets in Denver. Get a ginger cookie because it is the size of your head and sit with a book and enjoy. Then, walk down the street and do a little shopping before you head home.

Gallo Supper Club

I haven't had a meal here, but I can speak to their baked goods. They do great cannolis, the pistachio is my favorite.
After a particularly stressful Monday, I stopped at Granny Scott's, not sure what to expect. But holy cow, this pie. It is worth every penny. You kind of have to look to find the building, but get a slice of the grasshopper once you're there.

Happy Bakeshop

This adorable bakery made me a cake for my one year anniversary but they also do good cupcakes (including a great deal on Tuesdays). I'm a big fan of just the traditional vanilla cake with vanilla icing.
I'm a macaron connoisseur, we can blame it on my 16th birthday trip to Paris or my fairly successful attempts at making them, but basically, I'm judgy. So, I didn't have the highest expectations of Honey B's but was I WRONG. These things were as good, if not better (scandalous), as Ladurée. Plus, the box is adorable they come in, and you can take classes!

Izzio Bakery

Inside Denver Central Market, Izzio is a bakery that I would eat at every day if I could. They have so many options and they all look amazing. I usually go for a classic almond croissant but I've been known to expand my palate occasionally.

Maggie & Molly's Sweet Life

A classic bakery with modern flare, Maggie & Molly's sour cream sprinkle cookie is one of my favorites — just a perfect chewy, crispy confection. Also, their mint chocolate brownie could solve some of the world's problems I think. 

Reunion Bread Co.

A Bon Appetit 10 Best New Restaurants winner, Reunion makes solid baked goods. We got a loaf of sourdough and it was gone real quick.
Back when I was going through the most stressful week of my life, as I've decided to call the week I spent in Denver
buying a car, searching for an apartment I could afford, buying furniture for aforementioned apartment, being incredibly sick with a cold, going to my first five days of work and being incredibly stressed out in general, my fam visited Rheinlander. This bakery on Arvada's high street transports you to a German bakery back in the 1400s — but with modern technology. The cookies are delicious, and that apple strudel is to-die-for. Go during the holiday season for the most festive feels you'll ever get.

Taste of Denmark 

The roomie introduced this to me, and I simultaneously love her for it and hate her for it. I love her because they have the best baked goods in Denver...I haven't tried enough to really say that but holy cow; these are really freaking good. I hate her for it because now every Sunday I want to hop in my car and go get a whole box of the aforementioned pastries. I like going, picking up a bunch and eating them the rest of the week...or the same day...depends on my mood. You can also eat them there before you head out on a Saturday morning hike in some of the nearby open spaces.

The Bundt Shoppe

I love a bundt cake, Texas has many Nothing Bundt Cake shops but this is the local version of that! I went in the afternoon on a weekday and they still had a ton of the mini bundts in tons of flavors. It was summer and they even had pumpkin! I had the creamsicle and the chocolate, which were both incredibly moist and the icing was just sweet enough.

Tokyo Premium Bakery

Such a great early Saturday morning spot! It's more like a European bakery where you get a tray (or a box) and pick your pastries out yourself. All of the dough was flaky perfection and I highly recommend the chocolate banana tart.



This food truck roves around Denver's events and they make ice cream out of fruit...that's it. There's no dairy, which is insane. And I'm a dairy lover but this stuff was creamy and good and I loved it. I had the classic banana with chocolate and it was so good. Like dream of it good.
Cornicello is a great post-meal treat in the Milk Market. We had the birthday cake flavored gelato, and it wasn't sickly sweet. It's funny, as I get older the really over-the-top birthday cake flavor holds no appeal, but this one is perfect...maybe it's the gelato. It reminded me of the Romeo and Juliet flavor of gelato Barnes & Noble used to have...anyone else remember a B&N Cafe before Starbucks took over?


If you're looking for Instagramable desserts, CREAM in Belmar is a good go-to. They do ice cream sandwiches with warm cookies and fun flavors. Plus, they'll do ice cream tacos and donut sandwiches.


This softserve place comes from the people behind Little Man Ice Cream and it's delightful. It's in Park Hill (my second favorite neighborhood in Denver) and it serves up different flavors of softserve with tons of toppings. I had the vegan peppermint in a cone with oreos and pretzel sticks and was incredibly happy. 
As soon as the best friend landed on her most recent trip, it was time for dessert. I had read about Frozen Matter so we stopped in and we were not disappointed. The ice cream is so good! The staff are incredibly nice, and they do some fun concoctions. I highly recommend the marshmallow cloud topping...because it is a cloud of marshmallow and that is wondrous. They also do a sundae with a literal waffle in it...so yeah, it's great.

High Point Creamery

This is a very famous Denver spot as they do the ice cream flight; meaning five flavors of ice cream, one of their sauces and a few waffle cone chips. It's a great way to find out what your favorite HPC flavor is. We went to the one in Denver Central Market and the people working were super nice! The salted caramel was probably my favorite.
Ice Cream Riot has crazy flavors, cereal milk anyone?, but my favorite thing is the Pop-Tart ice cream sandwich. Let me say, I don't even like Pop-Tarts...in fact, I kind of hate them. But there is something about the texture of soft ice cream and a crunchy Pop-Tart that just goes well together. I loved it. I will say, the shop itself doesn't have a lot of aesthetic so if you are looking for a photo head outside to take a shot with their logo. Also, parking can be a little hard to find, but I would say it'd definitely be worth it for the sandwich.
This is that classic small-town ice cream parlor you grew up going to. Brightly colored walls, what seems like miles of buckets of ice cream and plenty of cone options. One of my
friends and I have been twice because it's halfway between us and the ice cream is just so good! Get the Tin Roof in a sugar cone, and you won't be disappointed.


A new pop-up in the Source foodhall, Melted does some strange flavors of softserve in pretty cones. We had the thai bun, which is kind of a sweet hot dog bun with ice cream and condensed milk. We've discovered we don't love bread and ice cream but the flavors of the ice cream were delightful and refreshing. 

Milkbox Creamery

Located inside Union Station, Milkbox dishes up Little Man Ice Cream in a subway tile setting. I had the creamsicle (it was summer) and sat out in the station with a book. So good.

Nella's Frozen Yogurt

Like all of the chains but with a local feel, Nella's is a classic froyo shop. They have tons of flavor options and of course, all the toppings. 
Home of Taco Tuesday — that's right the ice cream taco — Nugg's is a classic ice cream spot on East Colfax. I 10/10 recommend the ice cream taco because it isn't over the top. They only put one scoop, so it's a nice treat without being over-the-top. Also, Caroline's Birthday Cake is a great flavor!
Located in Belmar, Paciugo is a hidden gem. It has really good coffee and even better gelato. Plus, the staff is super
Ahhh, the classic Instagram friendly ice cream spot the bestie and I love so much. Sweet Cooies kind of feels like you've stepped onto the set of Mad Men with mod furniture, turquoise walls and lots of gold accents. But holy moly, the Gooey Cooie. Basically, a warm brioche bun is stuffed with ice cream of your choosing, drizzled with royal icing and covered in toppings of your choosing. It is gooey and delicious and everything you could ever want. I want to go back and try more of their ice cream in a cool cone or try their chocolates. It is owned by Little Man Ice Cream so if you like that, you'll love this.
I had seen Sweet Cow all over Denver but hadn't visited until recently. But ohmlord, I have been missing out! Lauren and I went to the one in the Highlands, which was packed on a Saturday night but so worth the wait in line. I had the Hammonds Peppermint Bark — yes, the Hammonds candy company!! — in a pretzel cone and I was in heaven. The ice cream was super creamy, and the saltiness of the cone was a perfect mating.


Black Pearls

When I first moved to Denver I saw this place all over Instagram, and their desserts do not disappoint. If you're a bubble tea lover, head over here or if you like kooky milkshakes it's your spot.

D Bar

My go-to for people who want amazing desserts in Denver. The whole restaurant is based around them, I've never had their actual food so I can't speak to that but their dessert menu is iconic. They do a "cake and shake" where you get a slice of chocolate cake and a small milkshake, a funfetti slice of cake with a mini sundae, a butterscotch pudding that I've had dreams about and some good hot chocolate.

The Inventing Room Desserts

A seasonal-delight is how I would describe The Inventing Room. It re-opens in June, so get ready. But basically their whole concept is insane but delicious, desserts. I went to their donut pop-up and had a unicorn donut that was not only photogenic but really good!


I think Snowl was designed with social media in mind because it seems like every corner has a staple of the perfect aesthetic restaurant. This was also the first place (and only) I have had Taiyaki, those adorable fish shaped cones. I had it filled with red bean paste, taro and covered in fruity pebbles. The cone was so good because it wasn't overly sweet. That was probably my favorite thing that while I was eating dessert, it wasn't sickly sweet. Plus, the place was packed but I easily got a seat and just enjoyed people-watching the other influencers.

Wonder Tea

I love Thai-rolled ice cream. The love began in Austin and it continues today. This particular spot is in a grocery store...but don't be intimidated. You don't even have to walk into the actual store as Wonder sits to the right before the second set of doors. Wonder is another Instagram place, there is a cute green wall with twinkle lights and a golden sign. I had the mango ice cream, which was so light and airy that I wanted to go back for more. The people running the shop are so sweet and gave me suggestions on what to top it with — overall a fantastic experience.

Zero Degrees

Yes, this is a chain (and for my Austin readers, y'all are getting one!) but it's so unique I wanted to include it. I have never had Ube in my life but when I saw a photo of that beautiful lavender milkshake I knew I had to get my hands on it. The place gets packed but you can always find a parking spot and the line moves quickly. Most people, myself included, were getting items to go. The food is something I have yet to try but it looks interesting!


Allegro Coffee Roasters

Right on Tennyson Street, Allegro is also in almost every Whole Foods in Denver. The shop itself is cute, with creaky wooden floors and lots of options. They also serve Topo Chico (a favorite of mine) and it's nice to sit outside sipping one of those while on wifi.
One of the most beautiful coffee shops I've ever seen, Amethyst–Lakeside is a must-visit. If it's a sunny day, you'll want to spend all day near one of their big windows in a comfy seat with a good book. Plus, the chai is really good, and the owners are super nice.

Atlas Coffees

My favorite car wash is in this parking lot, so one morning I thought to finally try this little coffee shop. The atmosphere is cute, very world travel themed and the coffee was strong but not bitter (aka my goal with coffee). I had a chocolate muffin too and just sat for a bit; twas very peaceful.

Aviano Coffee

  In Cherry Creek, Aviano is a good option to stop in while your shopping or if you need to kill time (like me) before an event. They have solid wifi and the place is industrial chic. The cappucino wasn't bitter, so that's a plus too! 
While technically in Wheat Ridge, I'm putting this in the Lakewood section. It's a really cute coffee shop with lots of space, although on a Tuesday afternoon around 3pm it was pretty crowded. They do have wifi but it's only for 180 minutes per purchase. So if you want to camp out there expect to have to buy a new item every so often. They have lots of coffee options and snacks. I went for a simple cappuccino as it was cold outside and it wasn't bitter, just rich and strong.

Black Eye Coffee Shop

A very aesthetic coffee shop in the Highlands, Black Eye is usually pretty packed but the coffee is good. 

Brew Culture Coffee

Right off West Colfax, Brew Culture is one of the only "Instagram-friendly" shops in the Lakewood area. It's cute inside, they have good wifi and their wifi is strong. There's also a brewery I've yet to try next door, so if you want to start with coffee and end with a beer, you can! 

Cafe Ole

This little spot near where I got my Colorado driver's license has really good coffee and comfy seating. I don't know about the wifi because I just took my book, but I would recommend it instead of going to a chain.


In Denver Central Market in RiNo, Crema does a mean cappuccino.
This very aesthetically pleasing coffee shop off of Littleton's main thoroughfare helps a great cause and has delicious coffee. The breakfast burrito is also something to taste test. I would suggest going early in the morning if you want parking because it gets pretty insane. My only thing is the wifi is a little sketchy so come prepared with a book too.
If you are a gamer...of any kind...Enchanted Grounds was made for you. I go for the solid wifi and good coffee — they have a La Marzoco. Every time I've gone there have been tons of people playing various games, discussing the gaming community and more.

Global Goods & Coffee

This is one of my go-to coffee shops on the west side of Denver. It's in a cute old house with outdoor seating and for some reason it gives me the feeling it could be in Stars Hollow (where are my Gilmore Girls fans at). I think it is the perfect spot on a crisp fall morning to grab a chai, breakfast burrito and sit out on the patio with a good book. Too cold? Sit inside where the wooden floors creak and you can curl up next to a window.

Ground Up Coffee

Whenever I need an iced latte and don't want to go far from my apartment or need a pick-me-up on the way home from work, I'll go to Ground Up. I've never sat down to test out their wifi, but they are super friendly and their coffee isn't bitter. 

Hello Coffee 

This super cute coffee shop is probably off your radar as it's in a shopping center I had never even seen until I visited. They have a few very instagramable spots inside and on a Saturday afternoon it wasn't crowded. They have an extensive latte menu that all looks delightful — I had a mint chocolate concoction and loved it. 

Honey Hill

A cute coffee shop in Park Hill with gelato, I like this place for reading a book or just getting some work done. 

Link Coffee Bar

One of my favorite cozy coffee shops. Mainly because it's across the street from where I volunteer, but still, it's good. Plus, they do self-serve alcohol and have really good wifi. It does close at 4:30, which is quite early. And annoying for me now, since I used to go at 4 and stay until 5:30, but maybe their hours will change in the fall!
If you are looking for a place to take cute Instas...this is it. Located in an old gas station...I think?...they have a pink La Marzoco, great lighting, friendly people and just a cool aesthetic overall. I had a great cup of coffee, sat by one of the big windows and read my book; it was so peaceful on a Tuesday afternoon.

Mojo Coffee

This is in the back of an Ethiopian grocery store, which is super fun to explore as well, and their Napoelon cake is one of the better versions I've had in Denver. Plus, the coffee is good, not too bitter. 

Nixon's Coffee

A place with multiple outposts, Nixon's is your classic coffee shop. Skip a chai and get a hot chocolate, because that stuff is great. 

Nook Coffee

Located in a downtown Littleton cheese shop, Nook is good for when you need to get something done in cute surroundings. They have great wifi, good baked goods and delicious coffee.

Novo Coffee

I went to the one on Sixth and it's just a cute lil coffee shop. There's only street parking, so plan ahead, but I got a table on a Saturday morning, so I think that bodes well. They have good wifi and the latte wasn't bitter!

Pinwheel Coffee

While I haven't had coffee at this Highlands establishment, they do great seasonal drinks. We had a ginger hot apple cider that was so good. 

Riize Coffee

I recently discovered this coffee shop in a kind of industrial part of Littleton (south of downtown), but it is so cute inside, they have great wifi and I love the amount of outlets/seating options. The lady who was working was super sweet, and I loved their many chai latte options — I'm a spicy girl myself. The coffee bar is highly Instagramable as well.

Sertinos Coffee

This place kind of, not totally, reminds me of the coffee shop in Friends (I am not a Friends fan, but I know about Central Perk, okay?). It just feels incredibly cozy and everyone is nice. If you are over in the greater Aurora area, it's a good stop.

Solid Grounds Coffee

This place is huge! And has wi-fi and would be great if you need to sit down and get some stuff down. It has that camp out vibe because it's so big. It kind of reminds me of Mozarts in Austin. I had a latte and it was smooth as can be, not bitter at all! I recommend going for breakfast at Duffeyroll down the street and then coming here for coffee.


If you love that minimalist, Pinterest coffee shop design, go to Sonder immediately. If you're like me and love a good coffee shop with good wifi, Sonder is great too. It's located in an apartment complex...or so it seems? But there is always parking and I highly recommend asking about their seasonal menu. I went in the summer and had a sunflower latte (not sure I liked it, but it was so different than anything I've experienced).

Steam Espresso Bar

Such a good coffee shop. The drinks are well done, the place is cute and the wifi is solid. I will say, it's small and in a neighborhood so it does get crazy busy. I went on a Saturday afternoon, sat outside in the beginning then went inside and snagged a table.

Unravel Coffee

Off Holly, not far from Cherry Creek Unravel is a good aesthetic coffee shop. They have plenty of seats and on a Saturday afternoon it wasn't busy. Their wifi is solid (I could watch football live on it) and the baristas are aggressively nice.  

B A R S / B R E W E R I E S

Cruise Room

Probably my all-time favorite Denver bar, the Cruise Room was born after the repeal of Prohibition back in 1933 and has been going strong ever since. It's in the historic Oxford hotel, it's immediately on your left when you walk in, and it gets insane at night. I take all of my friends and if you wait in a corner you can usually get a spot at one of the booths or the bar. The whole thing is art deco, lit in this cool red lighting. All of the drinks I've had are good, I've never tried the food but it is a must visit.

Finn’s Manor

Like a food hall, but drinks, Finn's Manor has outdoor seating (and a bar) as well as some indoor areas (and a bar) too. The best friend and I went inside to get drinks then ended up by their colorful walls. It's very RiNo, very hipster, very Denver. Have the Caloosahatchee, it's bourbon, curacao, tangerine, lemon, grapefruit hops bitters and an orange twist.

The best friend is a speakeasy kind of gal. I'm more fluid in my bar options — I like a brewery,  a speakeasy or a dive but I know her, so we decided to try this fake pie shop in Larimer Square the last time she was here. The bartenders are incredibly knowledgeable, Hannah told them what she likes, and they made her a custom cocktail. I had a signature, and it was great — the menu changes a bunch so it will just depend on when you go. The food looks phenom, but the kitchen had closed five minutes before we got there so I can't give you a definitive answer. I will say, my only complaint is it is a little loud...probably because it is adorably tiny and underground.
This is one of my favorite bars in downtown Denver because I like that is is part of the Dairy Block, but still maintains its own identity. It can be pretty crazy on a Saturday night but if you start your evening here, you won't have any issues. It's got a cool atmosphere, and their signature cocktails are very photogenic.

The Welton Room

Okay, this has become my new favorite bar in Denver. It is AMAZING. The two bartenders were the nicest I've ever had. They made us special drinks and just generally got us. We were the only customers for a bit on a Tuesday evening, but I'm sure it can get nuts. The actual atmosphere is slick, located in a new apartment building in Five Points. The drinks are out of this world. Get the cotton candy martini for the 'gram but also because it's good. Also, the RTD stops just in front, so you have no excuse to drink and drive.

Wild Women Winery

Such a fun place to visit on a Friday night — they do happy hour well. I think it would be a great girls night as the winery is owned by women so, ya know, girls supporting girls. The roommate and I went and drank a lot for about $30 (plus, we had the cheese plate).

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  1. This guide is SO GOOD and comprehensive. I've never been to Denver but would love to just for the food!