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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

How I Decorated for Fall

If you've been following the blog for any amount of time you'll know that fall is, by far, my favorite season. There is something so perfect about it getting colder, the leaves changing, me actually feeling cozy, the holidays, just everything about it. And I'm a basic lady so there's that too. 
This year, I went all out on our apartment fall decs because I didn't get a chance to last year — fall happened when I was still settling into Denver. I thought I'd show y'all what I did — it's nothing too special...but it makes me feel happy every time I see it. Plus, it'll be a great base for my Halloween decorations, which will be making an appearance come Oct. 1st. Let me know what y'all think of my decorations and tell me about your's below — xoxo darling, Hayden.

I purchased two of my favorite candle from Bath & Bodyworks — aka Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin — and I always have one burning. The cookies are pumpkin chai snickerdoodles, recipe here

I made this pie garland from a Martha Stewart tutorial. You just need construction paper, craft glue and some white pom poms. It cost me $2 from Dollar Tree (pom poms & paper) and $3.50 from JoAnn (craft glue) to make this and I think it's adorable. 

Because I purchased the construction paper for the pie, I had a bunch left over and decided to make leaves out of the red and yellow paper. I found some random clip art leaves on the internet, printed them, traced them and cut everything out. I bought some cute twine from Dollar Tree, strung the leaves and taped it up. The light curtain is from Amazon. Total Cost: $2

On a blank wall in our living room, I made yet another leaf garland (didn't cut the leaves this time) and bought some colorful leaves to tape up on my wall. The big leaves came from the floral section of the Dollar Tree, I used the twine from the above project and the colorful leaves came in a pack from Dollar Tree. Total Cost: $9.50

The fireplace was the most expensive for me...by far...because I'm obsessed with pumpkins and I bought far too many plastic pumpkins. But I did buy them all on sale at JoAnn, except for the really big one, that came from the sale section of Michael's. The leaf garland was $1 for each strand at Dollar Tree (so total of $3). Five of the smaller pumpkins are from Dollar Tree and the white ones painted with copper paint I DIYed. The paint was $1 at JoAnn. Total: ~$50

I had purchased this blanket (similar) for my picnic but it looks so cute in
 a basket (similar) in the corner of our living room. 

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