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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

101 in 1001 Update #5

Alright, it's truly time to get down to business on this list as I have approx. 16 weeks to finish 48 goals...just kidding. When you make these lists you are trying to understand how you'll feel in three year's time and that just doesn't work! So, at the bottom of this post I've made a list of the remaining goals I think I can accomplish. I'm trying not to put too much pressure on it, I've already completed more than I had on my first list and I feel really good about myself. Since May of 2017 a lot of stuff has happened — I graduated from college, got a job, moved to a new city, was in a relationship, made new friends, etc. And that is what these lists are for, to challenge yourself...and oh boy do I feel challenged! 
Without further ado, here are the updates — xoxo darling, Hayden.


See Three More Classic Films — Completed

One night I just decided to watch Strangers on a Train, it wasn't my favorite — the guy really creeped me out probably more than he should. And then I saw Psycho in theaters, which was so much fun.

Have a Picnic — Completed

I finally threw a real picnic for some of my girlfriends in the summer and it was so fun! Now that I have all the equiptment I'm planning on doing more next summer. 

Travel by Myself — Completed

Well, this one happened accidentally. If you watched my Croatia + Bosnia travel vlog, you would have seen me be stranded in the Split, Croatia airport for 12+ hours. I then made the airline fly me to Munich, Germany for the night before heading home to Denver the next day. I've traveled by myself before, but this was a fun addition — I got to see downtown Munich and drink some beer/eat some sausages by myself. 

Go to a Trivia Night — Completed

This has been a new thing! My friend Jessica and I discovered a trivia night at Platt Park Brewing that we really like. We never win but we have fun talking to the quizmaster, bartenders and one of the sandwich guys. Highly recommend if you live in Denver! 

Take a Spontaneous Trip — Completed 

The same friend from above and I started doing these spontaneous Sunday adventures in-and-around Denver. We've traveled to Georgetown and a bunch of the cities in northern Denver with plans to visit more. It's so fun to depart at around 10am on a Sunday and just go see stuff that you hadn't planned to see. We've tried new restaurants, bought sweatshirts, had a lot of ice cream and more. 

Try a New Cuisine — Completed

I had never had Bosnian/Croatian food before visiting the countries and now I'm kind of obsessed and sad I can't find it in Denver! 

Be More Open with My Emotions — Completed

I will fully admit I'm still not fully there with this one but I think I've improved by leaps and bounds. I was in my first true, adult-ish relationship and I had to share so much more of myself than I had done before. To the point where it made me open up to other people — like my best friend. I think it has all been healthy and I'm proud! 

Join a Professional Organization — Completed

While I haven't joined an official professional organization for journalists — I've joined AAUW, League of Women Voters and Junior League of Denver, all of which provide me with professional growth, networking and more. 

Visit a Friend Who Moved Out of Austin — Completed

I've since visited Hannah in San Antonio a few times and I'm going again in November. I love visiting her for the break from work and just to get back to my Texas.

Try Five New Foods — Working

As I dicsussed above, I tried a new cuisine and because of the new cuisine I got to try ─ćevapi and Burek.

Read Five Non Fiction Books — Completed

I'm surprised I hit this goal before my regular book goal, because it has been a challenge to read non-fiction most of my life. But look, it's done! I recently finished Cupcakes & Cashmere (the first blog I ever read), Bad Girls Throughout History (a great read if you are the least bit feminist), The Year of Cozy (loved the design of this book), The Little Book of Feminist Saints (yet another feminist read that I loved).

What I Have Left — that I think I can accomplish:

Take a cooking class — I'm thinking it would be super fun to attend a holiday cooking class — maybe cookies or another baked good?
Read 55 books — I have 33 left at the time of this publishing! I'm trying to get it done ASAP. 
Come up with a feasible budget — I should already have this, right? And I think I do but maybe I should write it all down.
Take a photography class — Maybe this will happen. I need to look into it and I want to. 
See five plays — I've already purchased tickets to one in early January and I just bought a membership to the Denver Performing Arts venues so I should have the other two done soon.
Do a giveaway on the blog — Do y'all want this? Maybe I should just go for it. 
Get business cards — I desperately need to do this both for the blog and for my food instagram. I've just been putting it off. 
Watch all of the movies nominated for Best Motion Picture at the Academy Awards — I still need to  watch Green Book, Roma & Black Panther.
Try something adventuresome — I feel like I've done this? But at the same time I'm struggling to think of one. 
Respond to things in a more timely manner — I am so much better about this but I'm giving myself until the end of my 101 to cross it off. 
Try five classic candies — I just need to do this one.
Send more postcards when I travel — I've been so bad about this! But maybe the last few trips of my year I can work on it.
Buy something big for myself — I haven't done this and I don't really know what I would buy. I like saving my money for my eventual move...but I'm also a live in the moment type of person...so I'm just not sure.
Have a t-shirt quilt made — I need to do this soon.
Try lipstick for at least a week — I don't even own lipstick, but I could just go buy some and do it. 
Brush up on geography — While I don't yet feel comfy crossing this off, trivia has taught me that I'm still pretty good at geography. 
Listen to a new genre of music — Yet again, I just need to sit down and do this.
Buy another succulent — If I'm being honest, I'm not sure I want to do this...I don't think I'm a plant person. But I can do it. 
Find a new magazine — I've seen a few that I like, I just need to pick one.
Say yes to five invitations I would normally say no to — I've done this twice, but I have a feeling there are more I could count/have more opportunities to do this, this year. 
Indulge in something nostalgic — I'm planning something in the next few months, be that a Disney Channel movie night or something else.
Send flowers to someone out of the blue — I've been meaning to do this for three years!
Unplug completely, once, for 24 hours — I can't explain why, but this terrifies me.
Visit a new national park — I don't think I'll get this done by late January, but my plan is to have a trip planned by then that will cross this off.
Participate in a donation drive, at least, once a year — I have a bag made up, I just need to figure out where to donate it to. 
Send a pitch to a major publication — I actually have an idea for this!!!

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