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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

A Summer Picnic

As y'all might be able to tell, I've been feeling really inspired lately on the blog. It started a few months back when I began baking for the blog again — it's called Haute Table because I originally intended for it to be fashion + food. And part of that has been wanting to do more "shoots" that aren't just clothes. So, I thought I would organize a picnic in Washington Park for me and my gal pals. Picnics scream summer to me and I haven't had a good one since I lived in London and practically picnicked every day. I love getting all the supplies together, making finger foods and then sitting on a blanket in the shade of a big tree in a beautiful park. And my oh my, does Denver have a beautiful park. It's nestled in one of my favorite neighborhoods and it is massive. We found parking easily on a Sunday afternoon, walked a few feet and bam, there was the perfect picnic spot — shade, people watching and comfy grass.
To throw my picnic I had to get some supplies...because we're all about aesthetics on this blog. I got the basket from Hobby Lobby (I upped my donation to Yellow Hammer, because I hate shopping there), as well as the wooden cheeseboard and white plate. My white bowls are from Dollar Tree...because we don't like spending money. The cups are from Big Lots and the design is perfect for summer drinks. I made the watermelon cookies — they'll be on the blog Thursday — and we bought the rest of the snacks from Target and Trader Joe's. The blanket is from Home Goods (similar) and I love it! It's really soft but doesn't get grass stains so it's perfect.
Hope y'all go on a picnic soon and send me photos if you do, it's the perfect way to end the summer - xoxo darling, Hayden.

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