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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Week Re-Cap

Loving my front door right now.
Oof you know when you have a bunch of fun things planned and then you realize you planned them all for the same week? Like you have an event every night in a week? That's me this week — fun but a lot. I'm also on a mission to try new restaurants and coffee shops because I feel like I've been lacking recently. So, it's a busy week but it'll be fun and fine. Check out what I did this week below...basically I drank a lot of caffine — xoxo darling, Hayden

Tuesday coffee stop at Brew Culture Coffee.

Cheeselandia sent me a bunch of cheese for my party last Friday — photos coming tomorrow! 

Tried a coffee place near my apartment & their iced latte was A+.

Saturday mornings are for the girls who like football.

Late Saturday lunch at HOJA.

Nixon's Coffee House Chai in Denver.

Sunday brunch at Duffeyroll Cafe.

Solid Grounds Coffee in Littleton.

Sunday lunch at Latke Love, one of my new favorites in Littleton.

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