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Friday, September 21, 2018

Let's Talk About: Old Instagrams

For a while I've wanted to go back into the recesses of my personal Instagram (my blog Instagram has only been around for a short while) and talk about old Instagram. There have been a lot of bloggers who've talked about the inauthenticity of Instagram/the internet recently. And while I agree it's true, I love the planning that goes into my Instagrams. It's something I have fun doing - but I do miss the hilarious old posts we all used to make. The filters !! Y'all, and the things we thought were funny and the captions and the hashtags. It's all too good. So I want to share some of my old school favorites...with some new comments. Let me know your favorite & share a link to your worst/best old Insta below - xoxo darling, Hayden.

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This was my first ever Instagram post. I was so proud of that nail art - I was really into it in high school. And my mom had just bought me that Lacoste polo dress & I had just been to Paris where I bought my Longchamp. I was proud of the whole thing and eating at one of my favorite restaurants with my then best friend. Everything was great. Also, it has two likes...

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Ugh, I have about 3 photos in a row with this position. There was a rabbit instillation in St. Louis and I kinda loved it. The hat was from Urban Outfitters, we bought it in San Francisco. The rest of the outfit I would not wear again, hahaha.

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Uhm...yeah. This was a bagel place in Oregon and I really liked the idea of a rainbow bagel. No, I didn't even order it. I just decided to take this really bad photo.

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So I thought I was hot sh*t with this Louis Vuitton app that made photos into circles. It was an artist's idea and I was like...oh it's LV, I'm bougie. Those are two cupcakes...that is all. 
Okay, clearly I had never heard of over-exposing an image? This was from our homecoming skit, I played a student from the rival high school. It was some of the most fun I have ever had. Also, that frame !! 

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One of my all time favorite photos of my dad & I. We were at a Virginia Tech game on a Friday night in November. It was soo cold. I was wearing long underwear. That cape is currently in my closet but that adorable slouchy beanie got lost during the trip. Oddly enough, right after this game was the first time I went to UT. 

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My first Texas photo!! I no longer own that shirt, and I wouldn't buy it again. I believe the filter was XX Pro...but I could be wrong? 
Look at that concentration! 

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This is when I was really starting to get into Haute Table. And didn't we all take the mirror photos? I loved this outfit, would totally buy again! I wore this before eating at Cleo in LA and man...I was feeling it.

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I had to wear this wig five times and it was four times too many...
I was in Kohler, Wisconsin at their beautiful inn. They have this amazing tea house and I was trying my hardest to be Sarah Vickers Patrick...it wasn't working but I wanted that aesthetic so bad. 
True to this day, these are the greatest pancakes of all time. 
Last one! Some of the "best-selling" cupcakes I bake - orange crunch. Loving that filter. 
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  1. Oh my gosh! My first Insta posts were horrid!