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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Week Re-Cap

Hey y'all! It has been a pretty good week! The weekend was perfect, my LBs had their annual sisterhood brunch, I got a lot of studying done, had some delicious Indian food & donuts, went to yet another brunch, met my new committee/little, and watched the Super Bowl with Devi & the G-Little. Monday started off strange, I woke up feeling more tired than I felt when I went to sleep {and I got a full 8 hours}! But I had some coffee in the afternoon and it seemed to pick up. Some of the sisters and I stayed out until past 2:30am studying/reading textbooks so yesterday I was running on a lot less sleep but not super tired. I decided to apply to Spoon University this semester & I got in so we had our first meeting yesterday. I'm really excited to see where this takes me! 
This weekend the best friend is coming in to celebrate my birthday and we have so many fun plans! We're seeing Fifty Shades Darker on Friday night at our favorite movie theater, going hiking Saturday morning, have a dinner Saturday night and are doing a full spa day on Sunday followed by a LB Galentine's Party all before I am officially 21 on Monday! 
Now that I have told you way too much about me, what's up with y'all? -xoxo darling, Hayden

 TM has a fridge with complimentary items in it and
 I finally grabbed a classic Coke.

For the first time since freshman year I am Commie of the Week in Comm Council!

Saturday morning was our annual LB brunch at The Driskill! 

 Their toast is my favorite in Austin. 

 Taking brunch very seriously with my G-Little {via}.

One of my sisters had never been to Gourdough's 
so of course we went! 

 Sunday morning Deepthi & I went to The Factory for brunch.

I had the half order of the original chicken and waffles, it was delicious. 

My amazing Media committee! I'm so excited to see what we do this semester! 

The newest member to the #FabFam, Bailey! 

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