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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Spring Break Beach Tote

Spring break is heading toward us like a freight train so it's time to get ready! Today I am talking about what I keep in my beach tote because I love to be prepared, it's a lot of stuff. 
#1: The tote bag is important. I recently discovered ones where the bottoms unzip so you can dump out the sand...it blew my mind. 
I like to use the traditional Lands End or LL Bean tote with my monogram and a few pockets for the smaller things. But there are tons of options out there. You can see some of my favorite trendy ones in my Spring Break Essentials Guide that will be up soon.
#2: Sunscreen, this is literally the most important thing in the bag {for me at least}. I always make sure I have a full bottle of SPF 50 ready to go. Pro Tip: Put your sunscreen on before you put any clothes on so that you get everything covered! 
#3: Water Bottles, I like to have multiple of these as well because you never know when you'll be thirsty/when you need water. I am currently loving the one's Gray did for Swell.
#4: iPhone, this is the obvious, perfect for taking beach photos and checking the weather. 
#5: Cover-Up, I don't like walking through hotels in just my bathing suit {maybe this makes me weird} so I like to always bring a cover-up along with me. Plus if you decide to grab lunch without going back to your room you have something to slip on.
#6: Selfie Stick, this makes me sound horrible but if you are traveling alone or just with one other person it is so hard to get photos. That's where the selfie stick comes into play. It's so nice to be able to attach your phone and snap a ton of photos. 
#7: Magazines, I am a super big magazine reader but during the semester it is so hard for me to keep up. So I like to gather them all up in one collective {sometimes huge} pile and read them while sitting by the ocean.
#8: Books/Newspapers, when I'm done with the magazines I go to books or if my hotel has the newspaper I read that. I read two newspapers a day so I really love it when the hotel gives you a free paper. Book-wise I love murder mysteries so that's my go to beach read.
#9: Snacks, when I visit the beach it is typically a long period of time before I eat another meal so it is imperative that I bring snacks. Hannah and I like Chex Mix and cookies for our snacks.
#10: Sunglasses, I would die without them and you probably would too...it is the beach after all! 


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