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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week Re-Cap

I'm sitting down to write this on Monday {my birthday} because my week will be insane after this and I won't have time.
But I had one of the best weeks ever because how can you not when you're turning twenty-fun?
The best friend came into town and I am so thankful for her because I had the most amazing weekend and I wouldn't have been able to do it without her.
We had pizza and saw a movie, went hiking, had a birthday dinner, did a spa day, celebrated Galentine's Day, watched the Grammy's and took a shot at midnight on Monday.
This week is super hectic and my parents are flying in tomorrow {yay!}.
How are y'all doing? -xoxo darling, Hayden

My present to myself, something I don't normally do, 
was a spa day with the best friend. We went to Viva Day Spa 
and treating myself was amazing. Honeslty, if you have never 
had a spa day, I know it's expensive but it is so worth it! 

Our head-tilt still scares me...

We look so relaxed in this photo and that was exactly how we felt. 

Saturday afternoon hiking at Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge.

This was taken right before I almost fell...

Dinner Saturday night at L'Oca Doro {more photos to come soon}.

Their s'mores dish is delicious.

Sunday morning donuts.

The fam bam at Galentine's Day.

Galentine's Day waffles.

Trying Thai-Kun Panang Curry...

Hannah convinced me to watch Friends with her...

The cutest birthday box from my parents.

 Loved Epicerie's lunch! 

 Their grilled cheese is amazing. 

Kellie's Bakery is so cute inside! 

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