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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Four Years {Part Two}

Phew, another year, another chapter of HT's life. 
This year was phenomenal, we got even more page views than all the other years and I couldn't be more proud. Y'all seriously loved Marfa, both posts about the fabulous art mecca in the middle of West Texas. Both my re-caps about my year and my school year were hugely popular & I hope you guys got some ideas from my big/little gifts. 
As for what I loved this year: I am so happy with the way my apartment turned out. It was such hard work & I seriously love it. Being able to study abroad in London will most likely be one of the greatest experiences of my life and in that, being able to attend Royal Ascot was even better. Ooooo, and I turned 20! My friends showed me so much love and for that I am thankful. Lastly, possibly one of my favorite posts of the past year was "It's Over." because I was able to open up to y'all about my struggles during the fall semester. It was rough going and I am so happy that some of you could realte to the issue. 
Overall, HT has had an amazing year & none of that would have been possible with out you, the reader. Thank you so much for your continued support & here's to another year of being fabulous darling! -xoxo, Hayden

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