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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Big/Little Reveal Week

So this past week was big/little week. It was a hectic week of crafting, stressing, and overall joy...because I finally got my little! As y'all saw on Tuesday, we had boxes for reveal but the whole week we gave them little gifts. Below I have outlined my gifts in case you are in a sorority or spirit group & need ideas-xoxo darling, Hayden.

Day 1: Door Decorations

My organization sent out a survey asking their favorite things so I printed out some of her favorite quotes, some of mine, & stuff from Clueless b/c we both love it.

Day 2: Gift Day One

Most of the gifts were purchased at Dollar Tree. A bucket is a great way to transport & if you decorate it she can keep it for decoration/storage. 

Frame: Dollar Tree // Made the print myself

Frame: Dollar Tree // Wrote on it with permanent marker // Added touch: a photo of her with a little you photoshopped in there.

Balloon: Dollar Tree // Note: "Everyone smiles in the same language."

Bubbles: Gifted // Plastic Bags w/ ties: JoAnn Fabric

Nail Polish: Dollar Tree // Hand Sanitizer: Bath & Body Works // Plastic bag w/ tie: JoAnn Frabric

Frame: Dollar Tree // Print: Found on Pinterest, printed at home

Poster: Dollar Tree // Candy: Dollar Tree 

Mug: Dollar Tree // Candy: Dollar Tree

Day 3: Delivery

I had Polkadots delivered to her on Wednesday, a lot of girls in my group did Tiff's Treats, it's really easy to do & they'll love it! 

Day 4: Gift Day Two

Tote Bag: Dollar Tree

I gave her three t-shirts, one of which I made for her to wear at reveal.

Water Bottle: Dollar Tree // Popsicle Sticks: Dollar Tree

Shirt: Michael's // Navy Glitter Spray Paint: Home Depot

Elizabeth Bennett 

Lilly Pulitzer shopping bag print

Jar: Dollar Tree // Flowers: HEB 

Mirror: Dollar Tree

Shirt: Michael's // Navy Glitter Spray Paint: Home Depot

Jane Bennett 

Day 5: Decorating Her Room

Streamers: Dollar Tree // Balloons: Dollar Tree

REVEAL Can Be Found Here.

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