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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week Re-Cap

This week was absolutely insane for me. I cannot believe I have been in London for an entire week. To be perfectly honest it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows {literally because it has been really cloudy & rainy}. I got really homesick on Sunday but I've been a lot better since then. We haven't done a ton of exploring but we have been to Hyde Park {my favorite thing of the week}, had a lot to drink, visited Camden Lock, and more. This coming week I want to get out even more & I think I am going to start doing a hall a day at the British Museum after class. What are y'all up to? -xoxo darling, Hayden.

When I took this photo I texted my two best friends and was 
like "oh my goodness it is really happening." {via}

To be honest I really did not enjoy the food on Virgin Atlantic.

I randomly woke up & caught this shot of my plane over the Atlantic.

First meal? Had to include a beer! 

And of course, fish & chips. 

Trying some new candy {that I really liked}! 

Also, had Nando's for the first time & 
kind of fell in love. 

Before we saw Sunny Afternoon we grabbed pizza at an adorable Italian restuarant near Picadilly. 

The musical was pretty good {but very loud}. 

In one of my class sessions we literally had a tea making competition. 

My delicious POD lunch

Some ice cream from a truck outside of our center {via}.

My friend Sierra & I at a pub watching the friendly between England & Australia. 

I went on a walking tour of the South Bank & 
just had to snap a photo of this amazing view! 

Saturday morning we started off with a trip to Camden Market

To be honest I am still dreaming about this Chinese food. 

Lola's Cupcakes was the cutest little stand! 

 I got a mini cookies & cream {via}! 

 Sunday morning we went out to the Tower of London & Tower Bridge

And we grabbed a sandwich at an adorable pub near Tower Bridge. 

On Monday morning we got brunch at an adorable restuarant called The Breakfast Club.

Then we proceeded to get on the Tube and visit Hyde Park.

And see Marble Arch

Lastly, we made a stop in at Selfridge's to see what the hype was all about {it was amazing}.

 Tuesday my class had 45 minutes to explore the British Museum & 
I just quickly snapped a photo as I was walking through.

 Tuesday night my program hosted a pub quiz night in King's Cross Station 
& I had some of the classic Fuller's London Pride.

And of course I couldn't not stop for a photo. {via}


  1. You must go to Burrough's Market! It was fabulous and within walking distance to the Globe and the Tate Modern! (Kimberly Transtrum)

  2. Oops, Borough Market! http://boroughmarket.org.uk/