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Thursday, August 11, 2016


So the story of my trip out to Oxford is kind of an interesting one {maybe to just me...}. I was supposed to go with a group of friends but they ended up buying tickets to a music festival that day instead {queue sad face}. 
But then I saw my friend & chair pair, Alyssa's snapstory. I had forgotten that she was going to be in Oxford for a program with our university & that it would overlap with the time I was there. It turned out she got there that day & I was asking if I could come visit the next day...she said yes! 
So Sunday morning I got up and went to the train station only to see that most of the trains had been delayed. But I didn't let it stop me & I eventually got a seat on one {visitors tip, make sure to pay attention to the boards and hurry as soon as it's called because there will be no seats & you'll have to stand for an hour if you aren't careful}. 
After my fairly short train ride {make sure to get a window seat, the countryside is gorgeous}. I got off and walked to the university, it's pretty hard to miss it...trust me.
I had saved a map of the school and what I wanted to do on my phone so I followed that pretty closely. I went on a tour of the Bodleian Library, went up in the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin tower, saw Radcliff Camera, and visited Christ Church College. 
Once I had completed my tourist-centric portion of the trip I met up with Alyssa and we went on a pub crawl of some of the most famous pubs in England, The Eagle and Child, The Bear Inn, Turf Tavern, and Old Bookbinders. 
After four seperate pubs {and a beer at each} Alyssa wished me farewell and I hopped on one of the last trains back to London. 
Oxford was one of my favorite day trips I took while studying & I would highly suggest it to anyone else. The history itself is enough to warrant a visit but if you like Harry Potter, Inspector Morse, Endeavor, or Inspector Lewis it is even more of the place for you! Have any of y'all ever been? -xoxo darling, Hayden

Outside of the Bodleian Library

Radcliff Camera

Church of St. Mary the Virgin

Views from the church tower.

Christ Church College

Bodleian Library

The Bear Inn

The Bridge of Sighs

Dinner at Turf Tavern

Our last beer at Bookbinders

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