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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Week Re-Cap

Happy Wednesday y'all! It has been a. long. week. Not that it hasn't been good, it totally has! It was just extremely tiring. First, I flew back to Austin (back to the burning heat). My parents had a few days of cleaning/buying supplies. We ate a lot of food (which is very evident in this post) & were able to have dinner with the bestie's parents as well. I went to a soccer game at Texas A&M (ugh) & FSU won! Now that I am back on my own my days have been, and I am not kidding, meetings from 8/9am-5pm. It has been crazy. Yesterday one of my meetings finished early so Hannah and I were able to try Nau's Enfield Drug (10/10 would recomend the malts) and we were able to get outside at Mayfield Park. Last night I ate some leftover Indian food and had an early night in because I need my sleep! 
Today is the first day of classes (and more meetings) but I am very excited to see where junior year takes me. How are y'all? -xoxo darling, Hayden.

 The usual pre-leaving tea with the fam @ Wisteria Tea Room.

 I flew back to Austin on Thursday.

 Pretty quickly the fam stopped at Black's for some BBQ.

 And of course we had to get Dairy Queen sundaes because of National Soft Serve Day.

 On our way to College Station we spotted this amazing rainbow.

 We tried Layne's in College Station and thought it was 
pretty good {aside from all the Aggie stuff...}

 Saturday morning working breakfast at La Madeleine.

 A lunch at Cane Rosso.

 An ice cream "stacker" from Cow Tipping Creamery.

 Sunday brunch at Chez Zee.

Lunch at Texas French Bread.

 Hannah & I had no idea there was an old fashioned soda fountain in Austin...but we found it! 

 I had a grilled cheese & a chocolate malt. The chocolate malt was amazing.

After eating a kind of big meal we ventured to Mayfield park for an hour to hike around. 

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