Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Last Day in London

My last day in London was extremely eventful. I was staying with a friend in southern London {right by Borough Market} & I hadn't been to the market yet so we started our morning eating fabulous things & then we ventured to the newer "hipster" makrets of Bemundsoey & Druid Street...with stops for more coffee and shopping in-between. After we caught up on some Gilmore Girls & then went out that night to the Ham Yard Hotel & Polpo -- both were perfect. Check out my photo diary below & let me know if y'all have done any of this-xoxo darling, Hayden.
We opted for the Breakfast Burger & let me tell you, it was the best decision.
Just look at that perfection.
I loved Columbian Coffee Roasters -- they are very highly regarded! 
Some gorgeous meraigunes.

I was in love with my almond croassaint. 

We stopped in at Fuckoffee for a Fat Wife {flat white}.
Some things were cooking at Bermondsey Market.
Lunch at The Roebuck.
This painting and I feel the same way...
The bar area at the Ham Yard Hotel.
We had some delicious martinis.
The libarary at Ham Yard.
Polpo was one of the best meals I had in London.
...another martini...
Arancini -- This was a new experience and it was delicious! 
Chickpea, spinach & ricotta meatballs & fried gnocchi, rainbow chard 
pesto & young pecorino were both phenomenal. 
The bresaola, goat curd & rocket pesto brushcetta, despite my dislike 
of goat cheese, was delicious.
Ricotta doughnuts with cinammon sugar were everything I could have 
wanted to end my last meal in London.
Virgin Atlantic provided us with free magazines while we waited...they 
were the first magazines I had read in two months 
so I had a lot of catching up to do.
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