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Monday, January 11, 2016

Coffee Chat: Golden Globes 2016

That's right darlings, it's time for another Coffee Chat {here, here, here}! The Golden Globes were last night & they left me feeling uncultured because I hadn't seen most of the winners but they did provide some pretty fabulous dresses. So grab some afternoon coffee & let us pick apart some dresses-xoxo darling, Hayden.

So Alicia is amazing & gorgeous in this dress. 
But she seemed a little too tan...
Also, she is dating Michael Fassbender & 
he is a hottie so she is lucky.

I feel like the top of this dress kind of looks like the fringe
 on the bottom of curtains but the bottom of 
the dress is very pretty. 

I love this dress! I think it is gorgeous & I love the color combo! 

No. I am not a fan of this color or this cut or her 
hair pulled back so tight. 

I like this dress but I think it would be 
so much better without the sequins. 

YAAAS AMY! Also, pockets.

I like the bottom but I am just not a fan of cutouts or her 
hair being brushed back.

She looks amazing & her hair was SO shiny.

Uhm...does anyone know what is going on with this dress?

Love the bottom, hate the top {this is clearly becoming a theme}. 

Gorgeous & love the necklace.

There is too much happening & is that a pretzel belt?!

She is fabulous.

Very 20s, very pretty.

Also very 20s, also very pretty.

I like this dress. Hate the shoes though.

You know, I bet you thought I would hate this, but I kind of love it. 

She looks amazing.

Can I have this dress?! I LOVE IT. 

Wow J-Law. You slay.

I know everyone loves this but I hate it. I totally 
agree that she looks like a mustard bottle. 
I also hate the cape, like a lot. 

She is so pretty in this little blue numba. But I don't like her hair.

Very pretty Veep.

She looks amazing almost every year & this is no exception. 

Not loving this choice Kate, kind of looks like someone went a 
little crazy with the glitter bottle in elementary school. 

This dress was pinker in person but as y'all know I don't like showing off 
your midriff & the choker is an interesting choice. 

She looks phenomenal. 

She looks great, hate the hair.

Very pretty but not a fan of the strip of black across her collar bones.

This dress looks amazing on her & the hair is perfect for it.

Ugh, this is is so pretty. I can't look away.

Not a big fan of this, especially where the top meets the bottom.

Do not like the way the top is twisted, kind of looks 
like someone didn't tie it properly. 

Here is that color again. 

Not a fan of the pattern or the shoulder thing. 

Very pretty! 

I don't like the material but she looks really pretty! 

I don't like the neck part, it would look much better without it.

Very cute, very her. 

She looks hot!

Very very very pretty.


Also no.

Kind of looks like really pretty, expensive rags.


Very classy, very nice.

Cookie looking fab.

Not a fan.

Crazy Eyes looks gorgeous.

Snaps to Viola for this.

Not feeling this. Like at all.
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