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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Coffee Chat: Met Gala 2015

 I really liked this; but I hate her hair.
 I am never a fan of this fabric.
 Love the color & the dress!
 This style was really popular this year...and I like it.
 That belt = NO!
 Does anyone else think it looks like a jean jacket?
 So slimming. 
 I like the color hate the cutouts.
 The dress is gorgeous but the lipstick is too severe.
 The hair just kills it.
 Love that dress!
 Not a fan.
 It looks like a child decided to paint along the bottom of her dress.
 Just no.
 This is not the most flattering or pretty.
 I love Chanel but I am not a fan of this combination.
 Very pretty.
 She looks AMAZING in this.
 Love the color!
 I love the simplicity of this dress.
 I feel like most people will hate this; but I think it's kind of awesome.
This is very her.
 Kind of obsessed & those shoes A++.
 I like all three!
Eddie! But not a fan of his wife's dress.
 Gigi is rocking it.
Love it!
 I kind of think she looks like a vampire...
 Really hate this. She's so pretty and this detracts from it.
 Get rid of the tattoos, then we'll talk.
 No, no, no.
 Not a really big fan.
 Kind of love this.
 She looks like she's walking the Oscars carpet, 
not the Met Gala.
 Love the structure, hate the flowers.
 Talk about making a statement.
 I don't typically like floral dresses but I think 
they're kind of rocking it.
 This is so pretty! 
 Not in love.
 How very Gaga of her.
 No to the left; J. Lo is rocking that.
 So pretty! 
 I would have liked it better, 
but the make up is not great.
 Wow. Just wow.
 Very Met Gala.
 I actually really like this.
 Too simple.
She looks fabulous!
 Really do not like that dress.
 That is awesome!
 Kind of looks like drapes...
 Bella is looking great.
 This dress caused SO MUCH STIR last night, I think it is fine.
 I don't like giving her compliments, but this dress looks fabulous, very Tiffany for Gatsby.
 This is the epitome of Reese.
 The gloves look like duct tape.
 Is she going to be in Star Wars...?
 Advertising her new album on her body.
 Love the feathers, hate the top.
 Amal looking gorg.
 How very Carrie of her.
 No, just no.
 Kind of awesome.
Not a fan of the skirt.
I really like the structure just not the pattern.
Very cool.
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  1. Kate Hudson was one of my favorite dresses that night!! Also, Diane Kruger always kills it.