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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Coffee Chat: Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Coffee Chat No. 2 for this week! Here are my opinions of the Vanity Fair Oscar Party-xoxo darling, Hayden.
I love the simplicity of this look.
Not a fan of Mann's outfit.
Didn't like their Oscar clothes and don't like this either.
She looks phenomenal.
Not a big fan of this, and I am usually a fan of whatever the Queen wears.
This is so not my style, but I totally like it!
Not a fan.
I love her dress!
Not a fan. At all.
I actually really like this! She is rocking it!
It amazes me how she can look amazing every time.
I don't know how I feel about this.
Not a fan.
She looks wonderful.
Why is she so perfect?
This reminds me of a beach tent...
I loved her Oscar dress but I hate this.
Nasim looks AMAZING.
Loving this pants/dress trend!
Why didn't she wear this to the Oscars, she looks gorgeous!
Her and Amy Adams look amazing in this color.
Not a fan of the stripes.
Love this.
The dress is fine, but I love the photo!
I don't like the see-though mesh. 
I actually really like the dress, hate the shoes.
Margot and her look the same, like beach tents.
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  1. thanks for the share!! love the designs for most of them actually XD

  2. I enjoyed looking through your picks, they are always some hits and misses. It simply fun to see all the different styles that fit the various personalities of the individuals. :)