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Monday, February 23, 2015

Coffee Chat: The Oscars

Grab your coffee, we're reviewing some Oscar dresses {like every other fashion blog today}. 
 Love, love, love.
 At first I was not a fan of this dress, but it 
grew on me so much as the night progressed.
 I am not a huge fan of the dress itself but it looks beautiful on her.
 I don't like this dress, but her makeup is on point.
 It's Chanel...enough said.
 I seriously love this.
 Love the simplicity of this! And that statement necklace is wonderful.
 She was doing so well, but I kind of hate this.
 I really like the texture on the bottom half of the dress, 
but not a fan of the top of the peplum.
 I would not have chosen it, but it fits her really well.
 I love this dress.
 The color is gorgeous but I don't like the straps!
 Not a fan of her dress.
 Simple and elegant.
 Someone said this looks like a "beach wedding bridesmaid 
dress" I kind of have to agree, but it looks pretty on her!
 I feel like I don't like her hair and that is making me not like her dress.
 I feel like this dress is going to be one everyone likes, but I don't like it.
 This is classy and it looks good on her!
 I do not like this.
 His tux looked amazing but her dress is strange.
 Kind of love it.
 Not a fan of the color of this.
 Hate the shoes love the dress.
Seriously hate the accessories, and I cannot
 tell if I like the dress under it. 
 This dress is so pretty!
 Please don't.
 Super cute!
 Stop being perfect.
 Very pretty!
 Really did not like this.
 I feel like the dress would be so cute but 
that belt just ruins it.
 Have y'all noticed that her boobs always look like they are in pain? 
Other than that she looks like a princess.
No. Nope. No. 
 This dress is amazing but no gloves and change her hair!
 Kiera + baby bump = no fashion sense.
 It looks like this does not fit her.
 This lady is winning.
 Jennifer is also winning.
 Love this on Emma!
Oprah looks fab.
 It's okay because it's Meryl.
 This looks like a prom dress from the 80s.
Not a fan.
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