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Saturday, August 30, 2014

First Week of College

So...the first week of living in Jester West on the gorgeous 40 acres has come to a close. I have been to class for three days, all of which were fun, and had some awesome times with my new friends {Devi, Barbara, Cambria, Emma, Lauren, Bentley, Jon, and Peter}. Below are all of the photos I took from the week {mainly selfies} and let me tell you, there are a lot! There have been so many different events and so many fun things to do that I have not even started to miss home yet. I hope all of this continues and I am so excited to continue to build the friendships I have made in the first week, plus continue to make new ones. Check out my first week at the University of Texas below!
 -xoxo darling, Hayden
 Devi and I take our first selfie in front of the Tower...it is in the background.
 Free s'mores night!
 We Work Out 
 Mass Zumba class with my favorites!
 Typical college night...
 Terrible smoothies...but good friends!
Roomie Love!
Post work out
 On the field for our class photo!
 At the Longhorn Kickoff Rally
 Waiting in line for some free ice cream
Awesome friends!
 Dinner + Shopping at The Domain!
We were eating froyo when I discovered the last bus came at 9:30...it was 9:06, so we had to run across the mall, through a parking lot to the bus stop. We go there just in time!
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