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Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer TV

Need to binge watch something? Your favorite series is over? Below are the shows I am currently watching, they might not be the best quality, some definitely not award winning, but they are enjoyable and they take my mind off of the crazy stuff in my life. Are you watching any of them?
-xoxo darling, Hayden

 Under The Dome is so bad it is wonderful. The people on it are incredibly attractive {especially Barbie} and the plot is never boring.
Royal Pains is one of my all time favorites, probably because it is set in the Hamptons {aka prep-central} and everyone on the show is dressed to the nines.

 I am super behind on Covert Affairs, but I love Annie & Augie so much!

Prepare to be super creeped out by The Bridge. It is so 
scary but so good, definitely award winning.

I adore Masterpiece Mystery, this summer I've been watching Endeavor and Pirot. I'm looking forward to Miss Marple, Breathless, and Inspector Lewis.

 Can we just discuss the hot factor of True Blood? Yeah, that is all.

 The Strain should be terrible, but there is something about it that I love, plus the main character drives a Defender which is my dream car.

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  1. I watch Under The Dome and The Strain. Lol I so agree with your comments about both shows. The Strain has me hooked lol I can't get enough!! I swear every Sunday night I'm screaming because this show is just so freaky lol!!