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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Broadmoor

When in Colorado in July I was able to stay at the old-schoool resort that is The Broadmoor. It was really nice, but seriously it was. The landscapes were beautiful, the buildings were architectural treasures and my experiences were one of a kind. 
That being said, it is old and there were some complications, the air conditioners are old {old buildings} and the interior design is over the top like most resorts. 
However, the pool and other amenities are amazing and I would go back in a heat beat. This week is Broadmoor Week on HT, I'll be making posts all about my experiences there, starting with today's post about the buildings themselves.
Broadmoor Main
Ceiling details in the main building 
The view from my lounger at the pool.
The amazing infinity pool.
View of Broadmoor West
Wall of celebs that have stayed at the iconic hotel.
"B"s liter the sidewalks
My overall rating of The Broadmoor Resort {out of 5}:
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