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Friday, July 12, 2013

Bag Check

The first Nylon I ever bought was purchased in North Carolina before I went to Duke TIP for three weeks. It was the annual jean issue and I fell in love. I adored the simplistic elements filled with crazy outfits and prints. My favorite page of any magazine is the last, it is like an open slate that you can do anything with because it is the end, and who reads the end? Nylon does something I think is amazing, a bag with all the stuff dumped out, so I have decided to re-create this every two weeks on the blog. This weeks bag was purchased by my best friend Caline as a birthday present, it is bright yet simple, and I love it! Plus I can put everything I own in it. xoxo

 {Black AE shorts, Pink H&M top, Fifty Bags that Changed the
World (UO), Black Espadrilles (Vintage), Orange Pearls (Bealls),
Enjoy Straighter, Black Beads (H&M), Pink Breast Cancer
Bracelet (Payless)}

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