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Friday, July 19, 2013

Let's Talk: Lady Bird Johnson Edition

So when I went to the LBJ library in Austin I was inspired by Lady Bird Johnson's wardrobe so much I decided to start doing First Lady posts entitled "Let's Talk: ..." I feel like each First Lady stands for most women in America so what they wore is incredibly important, I mean we know JFK was style important (when he didn't wear a hat to his inauguration every man in America stopped). So here we are with the first of lots of posts to come. LBJ is kind of important to me in that she studied journalism at UT-Austin which is something I would seriously like to do. When I saw her part of the museum I just loved how her outfits were so put together and soooo 60s. I mean do you see the one with the headscarf?! I feel like she is what women wanted to emulate at work and at home during this era so she is incredibly important to the fashion world. Also, tons of designers are bring back the 60s dresses and jackets (I saw a purple one today at Dillard's) so rock on Lady Bird, we will always admire you. 

Let's Analyze the Best of Lady Bird: 

How 60s chic is this? Love the piping! 

Head-scarf=the whole outfit

Classy Ladies wear pearls


Look at how adorable she looks!

Rocking that cable knit!

Red is so her color!

Those fur cuffs are perfect. 

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