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Monday, January 2, 2023

Twenty Twenty Three Resolutions

Happy 2023! If you've been a follower of Haute Table for a long time you know I don't make weight-loss or anything like that for my resolutions. I like them to be open ended and fairly fun. So, here they are, let me know what you're going to do this year!

New-ish platforms.

TikTok has been my favorite thing on earth since 2019 but I'm worried about it so this year I want to take my TikTok content and put it elsewhere, but that is a hard task. Just finding the time to run three personal accounts on top of my full-time job is a lot so, it'll take a while but I think it's worth it. I also have some personal goals for success on the platform itself, but don't want to share those because I'm afraid if I put it out there it won't happen.
So here's to grown and embracing new platforms.


I want to get my finances in order because if I'm honest I just...don't understand how it all works. I live a privileged life where I make enough money to be comfortable but I one day want to buy a home and need to figure out how to invest. Also under this category is better understanding my health insurance because...don't get it either!
So here's to better understanding our personal business.


Since I moved to Charlotte I have traveled more than ever...maybe that's not true but it felt like I never spent more than three weeks in my apartment and then it was a catch-up moment. So, I want to get out there and explore the town more so I feel like it's my home. I want to try new restaurants, go for more walks around neighborhoods and make new friends.
So here's to exploring my new home.

One Final Thought...

My 61 in 1001 will be starting again this year — I'm thinking around my 27th birthday. Mainly I'm just trying to think up things for the list so we'll see when I get it published. That will help (or hurt LOL) some of my resolutions I think.

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