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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

61 in 1001

It's that time again! Time to launch another 61 in 1001. If you're new here, I found that 101 in 1001 was just too dang hard. It was hard to come up with all the things to accomplish and then it was virtually impossible to complete as well. So, I changed it to 61 and have loved it ever since. I'm excited to see how this one goes!

Began: Jan. 31, 2023
Ends: Oct. 28, 2025
0 completed, 61 to go!
In progress
  1. Read 120 books.
  2. Watch 5 foreign films.
  3. Visit a dermatologist.
  4. Go to 100 new-to-me restaurants.
  5. Find a financial planner.
  6. Watch 5 documentaries.
  7. Attend the symphony.
  8. Shoot a gun.
  9. Go to 20 new-to-me coffee shops.
  10. Cook 25 new recipes.
  11. Watch 5 "classic" films.
  12. Travel to a new country.
  13. Bake bread.
  14. Go on a fall foliage trip.
  15. Buy something big for myself.
  16. Visit a new national park.
  17. Try 50 new-to-me breweries.
  18. Visit the 5 states remaining in the lower 48.
  19. Get a t-shirt quilt made.
  20. Host a dinner party.
  21. See 5 plays.
  22. Get Feminist Cocktails to 10k on TikTok.
  23. Organize all TikTok and Instagram post scheduling.
  24. Upload all Feminist Cocktails to YouTube Shorts.
  25. Upload all Best Eats Charlotte content to YouTube Shorts.
  26. Clean out & unsubscribe from email lists across all email accounts.
  27. Ride a horse.
  28. Find a new volunteer opportunity.
  29. Do 3 more Haute Table travel guides.
  30. Go on a girls trip.
  31. Discover artists' work that I like.
  32. Fully decorate 1 room in my home.
  33. Visit a lavender farm.
  34. Pick tulips.
  35. Attempt to make croissants.
  36. Go to an NFL game.
  37. Take a walking tour of the city.
  38. Vow not to order delivery for 2 months.
  39. Go to 3 concerts.
  40. Watch the Pride & Prejudice mini series.
  41. Attend a polo match.
  42. Phone bank for an election. 
  43. Update my resume & LinkedIn every six months.
  44. Go on a date.
  45. Visit a friend in another city.
  46. Treat myself to a solo weekend away.
  47. Get a house plant and keep it alive.
  48. Do another 1-second a day video.
  49. Host a midnight margaritas party.
  50. Buy something big for myself.
  51. Join the Mint Museum Young Affiliates.
  52. Go to a North Carolina beach.
  53. Go to 3 NC state parks.
  54. Check out the International Civil Rights Center.
  55. Sip eggnog at Nog in Greenville.
  56. Eat at McNinch House Restaurant.
  57. See NASCAR in Charlotte.
  58. Go to Horn in the West.
  59. Go on 10 day trips in North Carolina.
  60. Explore all of Charlotte's greenways.
  61. Find the cutest bookstore in North Carolina.

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