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Friday, August 20, 2021

Nine Years, Part Two

Most Popular:

Way Too Early Swim Post (36,335) — Every year there is a post that I don't understand why it has any popularity. And this is the one! Why? There's so little writing! But I'm happy y'all found some early swim suits for whatever trips you managed to take during quarantine. 

Post-Covid Bucket List (335) — Ugh, these all still stand and clearly y'all are itching to travel like I am! To be able to go to Europe right now...I would. I miss the UK and I'm so desperate to see Italy. 

Best Hot Chocolates in Denver (266) — Thrilled one of my Denver food guides made it onto this list! I worked really hard trying to source all of the best hot cocoas in the Mile High City, and y'all clearly enjoy the warm beverage as much as I do! 

The Ultimate Colorado Road Trip (217) — Also very happy that this, fairly recent, guide made it on. Our Colorado trip was in fact epic and I hope others go on something similar. You get to see so much and learn so much and do so much on it. 

Denver Women-Owned Restaurants (172) — Women supporting women, always. 

My Favorites:

You're Walking Through Stars Hollow — I have never been one to say, "OMG I made the best playlist and you have to listen to it," however, I am really proud of this one. I was going through it when I made it and now it just embodies the beginning of fall to me. I may or may not have already started listening to it...

Red Flag Party — This party was such a blast to throw and the TikTok going viral was just icing on the cake. I 10/10 recommend throwing a red flag party for your friends.

The Perfect Rugby Shirt — My parents got me this shirt and I truly love it. It fits so well and is so flattering. And this was a good day, while COVID was raging we put on our masks and went to a pumpkin patch for a moment of outdoor fun. 

Breakfast Grilled Cheese Recipe — Our first snow of the year...like the first week of September...I made this delicious breakfast meal and I think everyone should! 

Last Chance Module Array Guide — If you love a roadtrip and seeing cool stuff, you should go see Last Chance Module! 

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