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Friday, April 30, 2021

61 in 1001 Update

Began: February 14, 2020
Ends: November 11, 2022
16 completed, 45 to go!
In Progress

Catch up on how I've been doing on my 61 in 1001 — xoxo darling, Hayden.

J U S T     F I N I S H E D

35. Go to a wedding — I attended Sophie's wedding this week and it was absolutely magical. Truly cannot believe it had taken me this long to go to a wedding but I'm thrilled her's was my first. 
C U R R E N T L Y     W O R K I N G     O N
1. Read 100 books — I've now read 53 so I'm officially halfway there! I'm back on my audio book kick so I should be getting some knocked out easily.
17. Visit a new national park — My parents are flying out in late-May for a whirlwind trip through Colorado/Utah and we will be going to quite a few national parks that I have yet to cross off my list. 
30. Do something for my career — I completed my leadership program at my job (and did my huge presentation, what a relief!). The idea I pitched is being put into place as is something else I pitched about TikTok. But the biggest project of my career is coming out mid-May, and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you!!
49. Go to 20 new coffee shops — Now that I'm fully vaccinated (and things are starting to open back up) I want to get back on this. Also, with the spring/summer months upon us more patios will be opening! 
54. Attend a state fair — This is currently on the docket as a work trip in late-August, so keep your fingers crossed!

55. Buy something big for myself — I've decided what I want to purchase (hint). My plan is to get it for myself this summer. 
57. Keep fresh flowers in the apartment for 3 months — Bought my first bouquet last week so here we go! 
59. Go flower picking — Working on plans for this one...

C U R R E N T L Y     I M P O S S I B L E

2. Travel to a new state
7. Go on a girls trip
8. See 6 plays
10. Take a spontaneous trip
12. Visit a dermatologist
13. Visit a friend (not Hannah)
15. See 3 more live shows
19. Find a financial planner
20. Go to therapy
23. See the Kit Carson Carousel
24. Travel by myself
25. Attend the symphony
29. Travel to a new country
31. Throw 3 more parties
33. See an opera
37. Shoot a gun
39. Go to a basketball or hockey game
41. Go on a fall foliage road trip
45. Attend a caucus
48. Take a cooking class
52. See Beyoncé (if possible)
53. Go to a drag brunch
61. Finish this entire list in the time frame

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