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Monday, March 1, 2021

Monday Links

A while back I decided "Quotes of the Week" was no longer part of what I wanted out of the blog. The series basically ran straight for 8.5 years and I was sick of it. So, the end of an era of a blog post that was the first post I ever made. I bid you adieu quotes. And I welcome you "Monday Links." If you've been following for a while you know I used to post "Articles I'm Reading" every Saturday but stopped when I went to blogging M–F. However, in the pandemic I rediscovered my love for link round-ups and you'll have probably seen that I did them about once a month for the last year. But now, I've decided I'll be doing them each Monday. I think it'll be a great way to begin the week, staying informed on whatever fun info there is in the world. And I welcome you and ask you to join me on this new, exciting, ride — xoxo darling, Hayden.

Loving these Etsy finds.

Read more books by Black authors!

Cackled at this McSweeney's piece on walking during the pandemic. 

Not sure if I could pull these off but, dang they look amazing.

Cute wellies if you have kiddos.

I'm afraid of heights but kinda want to get to the top of some of these.

Get fresh chocolate chip cookies delivered to your door.

Since I'm on TikTok constantly I've seen these ED recovery videos and I love watching them and sharing love with the people who are doing an amazing job of recovering. 

Imagining presidents if they were modern is creepy yet cool.

This might make you want to fly to Paris...which probably isn't the best but wow.

Y'all Staub fans or Le Creuset fans?

Oh, this gossip shortage thing has been a convo topic for my friends & I as of late.

Obsessed with their gallery wall.

Who else wants to live in this 80s IKEA catalog?

@HoodMidCenturyModern is a great way to learn about architecture and society.

Very into Sears catalog homes and this site is so cool!

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