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Monday, March 8, 2021

Monday Links


Welcome back to another link round-up. Hope y'all are having a productive start to your week — xoxo darling, Hayden.

It's Women's History Month, find out how it started.

Read about this book in the paper last weekend and I've put it on my TBR list.

Big book reader? You might need some of these.

Found this list of how to make the most of March pretty funny.

A tropical vacation should probably be in all of our futures, but we can start with these Gray Malin prints.

Let me know your favorite online vintage stores, because I'm starting to get into it.

Celebrate WHM by donating to these orgs.

For my Austin peeps, a round-up of women-owned businesses. {Hint: my Denver restaurant version will be up tomorrow}.

My parents would love most of these.

Silencing women in science is nothing new, but here are 10 female scientists you should know about.

Connecticut has made it illegal to discriminate based on hair!! 

Fascinating read on how women geographers changed travel. Pick up the book here.

42 of the most anticipated LGBTQ+ books coming out soon. I cannot describe how excited for this one I am!

Not sure I agree with most of these choices, but for me it's snog: Poldark, marry: Pride & Prejudice (2005), avoid: Atonement/Titanic.

Guess I'll be buying a trench coat now

A fascinating look at what powerful people are reading.

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